Why Do Girls Go To the Bathroom in Groups?

To all of you boys out there, I know you’ve seen it happen time and time again. You’re drinking at the bar with your friends and then all of a sudden you see 5 or more girls collectively run into the bathroom as if they’re ready to throw their own little party in there or something. And I know what you’re all thinking. How do they all fit in there at once? What could possibly be going on in there? Are they part of a secret girls-only bathroom cult? Well you know what they say, two is company, three’s a crowd, but more is a party!

Don’t worry, you’re not treading in dangerous territory trying to understand the inner workings of the female brain (at least not in this case). Yes, some questions were meant to be unanswered, but I’ve got the answers to this one. So why do girls always go to the bathroom with an army behind them? Well, it’s both completely normal and totally necessary. No, we’re not in there playing drunken Bloody Mary with the bathroom mirrors, or trying to come up with some sort of devious plan on how to lure you into our beds (sometimes we do). But if you really must know why, here are a few reasons that’ll help you better understand the genius behind our ways.

1.)  To Gossip

We enjoy talking to our girls (about boys) when we’re out, and just because nature calls doesn’t mean we need to stop mid-conversation. Afterall, a guy’s fate is decided in the bathroom. Not to mention it’s the perfect place to bitch about that one girl you hate who just walked through the door.

2.)  To Help “That Girl”

We believe that there is power in numbers. If one of our friends happened to get a little too inebriated one night, we all happily help her to the bathroom, tie back her hair and whisper comforting words in her ear until she’s done vomiting her brains out. That’s just what girlfriends do!

3.)  To Get Away From “That Guy”

If a girl leaves a boy mid-conversation or mid-dance because she “needs” to go to the bathroom with her friends, there’s a slight chance she may be trying to let you down easy. We girls don’t like to just stand there having an awkward interaction with a guy, so the bathroom is the fastest ticket out of there for sure. No hard feelings though…

4.)  To Fix Our Hair/Makeup

This is pretty self-explanatory. We like to have our nails done, hair done, and everything did! We didn’t take so long getting ready for nothing, so we might as well keep it up throughout the night. Nothing beats the help of your friends who can brutally, and honestly tell you that your eyeliner looks slightly raccoon-like.

5.)  To Go To The Bathroom

Whether it’s to change your tampon or break the seal after that fifth or sixth drink, sometimes a girl’s just got to go. And at the off chance we all need to use the bathroom at the same time…well, we go to the bathroom at the same time. Simple as that! Plus it’s always nice to have friends with you to save you from any awkward encounters on the way out.

We may be dramatic at times, but the lavatory will forever remain sacred for all of women-kind. For all you lady Terps out there, if you happen to lose your girls in the middle of the night, the bathroom is usually the go-to meeting spot. And for you boys, hopefully after reading through this you finally understand why girls go to the bathroom in groups…among other things at least!

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash


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