The 6 Cities In The United States With The Best Nightlife

If you’re considering booking a trip somewhere in the United States and you love a place with a lot going on at night, you aren’t alone. A big part of traveling for many people is experiencing the nightlife of a destination, whether that’s bars, breweries, night clubs, live music, or dance venues. 

Not all cities, even the large ones, have a great nightlife. However, some stand out more than others. 

The following is a round-up of some of the best cities in the U.S. for nightlife lovers. 

Nashville, TN

If you visit Nashville, you’re likely to see bachelorette parties everywhere, which is indicative of just how good the nightlife is in this southern city. 

Nashville is ideal if you love good food, local beer, southern hospitality, and nightlife that is centered around live music. 

When you walk along Broadway, also dubbed the Honky Tonk Highway, there is live music coming from nearly all of the bars and venues lining the road. After 5 p.m. you’ll really see the party side of Nashville come out, and this vibe tends to go on until pretty late hours..

Austin, TX

Austin is quirky, trendy and a lot of fun regardless of whether you’re visiting or living there. 

Austin’s Sixth Street has a college crowd feel, and you’ll find plenty of music and dancing as well as cheap drinks. From Thursday to Saturday nights, the traffic in this district is shut down. 

There is also the East Austin Entertainment District which has a young and hip vibe, as well as Rainey Street. Rainey Street has historic houses converted into bars.

Other areas where the nightlife thrives include the Warehouse District which tends to draw in an older crowd and the Second Street Entertainment District which is more upscale. 

South Congress or “So Co” is another hipster area with live music and street art. Or, for city views from rooftop bars, head to Market District (a.k.a. West Sixth).

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans’ nightlife options extend well beyond Mardi Gras. New Orleans is a city that is vibrant and alive at any time of day or night. 

Likewise, it’s a hard-partying city known as the birthplace of jazz and a great option for live music. 

There are music and jazz clubs not only in the French Quarter but also Uptown and Mid-City. 

Bourbon Street is where you’ll find the neon signs and balconies the city is perhaps best known for. Moreover, there are also burlesque and cabaret clubs throughout the city. 

Chicago, IL

The southern cities don’t get to have all the fun. Chicago is a standout for diverse and unique nightlife options. For example, in addition to bars, you’ll also find different music and dance clubs in the city. 

Chicago has a long history of thriving jazz and blues scenes. There are also classic Chicago speakeasies that take into account the unique history of the city. If you want to enjoy a great meal before you head out on the town, there are many James Beard Nominees who reside and serve up a fantastic fare in Chicago. The good thing is you can find many affordable apartments for rent in Chicago if you decide to live in the city.

Key West, FL

Key West is beautiful, and the nightlife is one of the primary reasons so many people visit this island. 

It’s difficult to avoid seeing a celebration whether it’s morning, noon, or night in Key West. A lively party atmosphere envelopes the city. 

There are tiki bars and Mallory Square, which is home to a Sunset Celebration where you can grab a drink and watch the sun go down. Most of the alfresco bars and restaurants offer happy hour specials, and later, you can make your way to Duval Street for live music and dancing at venues like Sloppy Joe’s. 

San Diego, CA

Finally, if you’re headed west in search of nightlife, consider San Diego. It’s a Southern California city with wonderful weather and beautiful beaches, as well as plenty to do. 

San Diego has the Gaslamp Quarter, which consists of 16 blocks that are home to more than 180 restaurants, 50 bars, and ten nightclubs. 

There are also unique things to do for nightlife that don’t include bars or clubs. There are the Rooftop Cinema Club on top of the Manchester Grand Hyatt, slam poetry sessions at Queen Bee’s in North Park, and North Park, which is an arcade for adults. 

If you’re traveling in the US in search of great nightlife, then you should definitely check out these destinations. They will provide you with great entertainment and, you’ll make incredible memories. Do you know any more cities with great nightlife? Let us know in the comments below.

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