Here Is A Poem For When You Need Something To Believe In

I wrote a poem called “Yes, I Am A Christian” last summer when it randomly came to me as I sat out on my back deck late at night. I’m so thankful for all that Jesus has done in my life, and this piece of poetry is one that I hope reflects the love and humility that He has bestowed upon my heart. I feel that as Christians, we so often fail to see just how much He gives us, even if we do not deserve, or believe in, those blessings. Reading this unreleased poem, which has been sitting in my notebook for over a year, has helped me emerge from a creative blackout. (I have a ton of unpublished material). Perhaps, I was meant to stumble upon this creative force at this time in my life. My reminder of who I am and who He has made me exudes from these words I have written below. I am His, and He is mine. I am ever so thankful for the beautiful reminders He provides when we least expect them. Here is “Yes, I Am A Christian”:

Yes, I am a Christian, and I’m here to stand and say

That Jesus is who I live for every single day.

I don’t claim to be perfect.

My life has been filled with stumbles and falls.

I’m glad I have a friend who’s always there to answer my calls.

Yes, I am a Christian, and I’m here to spread the Word

About a man of whom some have not yet heard

He is my strength, my hope, and my light

Who gives me these words I so passionately write.

Yes, I am a Christian

Who will always need His guidance.

The touch of His hands, His loyalty through thick and thin

Because I’m not perfect, and I rely on Him.

Yes, I am a Christian, and I love Him so.

He’s blessed me more times than I probably know.

I’m not perfect, and He doesn’t expect me to be,

Just for me to hold on to Him tight is His only plea.

Yes, I am a Christian.

My hope for this poem is that it reminds others of His love and desire to be on our lives and not just in them. Humans have a tendency to want to go on auto-pilot all the time, but that is not possible. I have even done so with my writing lately as I’ve relied too much on my own self for inspiration; truth be told, this journey has been such a gift. I can’t be a light in the world without His touch, and I hope this poem inspires someone to let Him into their life. You may not be experiencing a creative blackout; perhaps you are in the middle of a total life blackout. I felt compelled to share this because I hope it pulls someone out of whatever mess they are in. Remember that Jesus loves you. We’re all human, full of imperfections, but life will be okay, as long as we Trust Him with all our cares.

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