I Hope You Know That I Can’t Wait To See You Again One Of These Days

I always think about when I will see you again. 4,921 miles separate you from me. 21 hours lie between us. Only the low, steady whirring of the air conditioner, the faint plaintive voice of the muezzin calling from the minaret of the mosque, breaks the silence. As I sit down on the corner, I find myself missing you terribly. The thought of seeing you again one day is the only thing that comes to mind.

Yes, I will see you again one of these days.

I will no longer envy the people who have the chance to see you and talk to you every day. I will no longer sleep with your photo next to me. No absent ghost will haunt my room. The cold, crumpled sheets will one day become warm and comforting.

I will no longer wrap myself in the sadness and pain of not having you around.

I will no longer miss the quiet time of day when the bustle of the streets outside subsides. When the sun drops low in the sky, mottling the dark-green leaves with speckles of gold and mauve, I know that night will swiftly descend, and I will think of you.

I will no longer crave your touch.

I will no longer miss filling my day with you and  sitting on your lap. I will no longer miss you on the rainy, cold nights when my sheets and pillows smell like you.

I will no longer pretend that you’ve brought me food, that we’re sitting side by side on a bench, talking about the past and the future we will share. I will no longer close my eyes, pull my soft pillow over my face, and pretend that you’re breathing next to me.

I will no longer miss our late-night talks over wine or dinner. I will no longer miss you kissing my forehead as you play with my rumpled hair. I will no longer miss the scent that fills my nostrils and teases my senses. I will no longer miss you on cold, late nights, our bed with those crumpled sheets and soft pillows around us.

I will no longer miss waking up with you every morning, with your warm touch, the sound of your voice, and a cup of coffee. I will no longer miss all the mornings when I woke up right beside you.I’ll no longer miss when the sun shone on your face and the cold morning breeze surprised us.

I will no longer miss you crying about the distance between us. I will no longer miss hearing you breathe over the phone, 4,921 miles away from me. One day, you will be just an inch away from me.

I will no longer miss you taking care of me whenever I felt sick or sad.

This vast distance between us hurts more than the reality that my heart is aching. I am dying to be right where you are now.

One day, the distance between us will never terrify us again. One day, there will be no distance, no hours, no ocean and mountains separating us.

I will no longer miss you because one day, you and I will never live in two different worlds.

I can’t bear being away from you any longer because time seems to slow down every day we’re apart.15 minutes will become 15 years, and not even a glass of sparkling wine will be able to make me feel better. So I hope you know that I just can’t wait to see you again.

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