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22 Things To Ask Someone Instead Of ‘How Are You?’

things to ask instead of how are you

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been in a situation where someone asks you, “How are you?” Often we respond with “good,” or “fine.” But sometimes there’s something deeper behind that answer. As a result, it’s a good idea to ask your loved ones how they’re doing, but phrasing your question a little more meaningfully. To gather responses for this article, I made a post on Facebook asking for people’s suggestions of alternative ways they could start a conversation with someone in their life. In other words, things to ask instead of “How are you?” I’ve received 22 different responses, which are listed below.

  1. “What was the best part of your day?… What made you laugh today? And what made you upset today?” — Sabrina
  1. “How are you feeling?” — Sara
  1. “How’s your energy today? Was today relaxing? Are you feeling positive today? If not, want to unpack that? How’s your heart today?” — Natalie
  1. “What made you smile today?” — Kristianna

“What’s something positive that happened to you today? Is there anything you want to talk about/get off your chest? What’s new with you? What have you been doing to make time for yourself? — Catie

  1. “I’m the mom friend, so I can usually tell when something is up so I’ll ask, “Did you eat? Do you want to go get lunch? Do you need to talk?” Stuff like that. — Emma S.
  1. “How do you feel?” — Erin
  1. “I’m thinking about you. What can I do for you right now?” — Abby
  1. “How are you taking care of yourself these days?” — Cassi
  1. “Is there anything you need to talk about?” — Kristen
  1. “You have been on my mind! How are things in your world?” — Tina
  1. “How are you holding up?” — Nancy
  1. “How has your state of mind been lately?” — Ashlyn
  1. “What is the best thing that has happened to you today? Do you wanna talk about the worst?” — Emma M.
  1. “What’s been on your mind lately?” — Jess
  1. “How has life been? What is new with you? What has been going on in your life lately?” — Talena
  1. “When my boyfriend and I started dating, he’d ask me, “How’s that heart of yours today?” and I always thought it was really compelling because you can be getting by but with a sad heart. Conversely, you can have a bad day but a good heart.” — Jessica

“What have your highs and lows been lately?” — Sharon

  1. “What’s new with you since I last saw you?” — Kersten
  1. “What truly memorable things have happened in your life lately?” — Julie
  1. “Have you eaten?” — Nicole
  1. “Have you taken care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally today?” — Anissa

As you can see, there are many alternatives to asking someone, “How are you?” that can produce a deeper conversation between friends, family, and spouses. What are some things you ask the important people in your life to find out how they’re doing? Comment below!

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