What You Need To Know About Using Sex Toys While You’re Pregnant

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that you won’t long for some nights of pleasure with yourself, and the rules regarding sex toys during pregnancy are the same as they are for sex. As long as your doctor, or midwife, hasn’t told you that you cannot have sex, then the use of sex toys constitutes no danger to you, or your baby.

When you are pregnant, the cervix, which is located at the top of the vagina, creates a sealant for the womb; this prevents germs and bacteria from entering, protecting the baby from any unwelcome organisms. Many women express a change in their sexual needs when pregnant; some may crave vaginal penetration, whereas for others, the idea is just a total turn-off. Whichever feeling applies, there are many ways to enjoy sex toys during pregnancy, which don’t rely on vaginal penetration only.

There is a great range of vibrators and pumps, for example, which are specially designed for clitoral stimulation. With the increased blood flow inherent during this time, we may find our privates are extra-sensitive, so we experience whole new levels of arousal, and can be brought to climax easily by using a clitoral stimulator.

If vaginal play isn’t for you at this delicate time, then perhaps it’s worth checking out the extensive range of anal toys that exist. For example a store in the UK called For the Closet offers a wide range of sex toys including anal toys. Anal beads are a great way to experience penetration—without being overly intimidating, they offer you an alternative to vaginal penetration, and when combined with clitoral stimulation, they can cause mind-blowing orgasms!

Additionally, you can always downsize your vibrators or dildos if things are overly sensitive down there. Perineal massage, with high-grade lubricants, is a fantastic element you can incorporate into your sex toy play whilst pregnant, as this can help your skin stay soft and stretchy—alongside the use of your sex toys, of course!

During pregnancy, our breasts tend to change shape, and can become highly sensitive when milk production begins; if you enjoy playing with nipple clamps or nipple pumps, it’s best not to overdo it—this can cause problems for the developing milk ducts. This doesn’t mean to say you can’t use these clamps or pumps, just ensure that you play sensibly, and keep in mind the changes developing within your body.

Pregnancy is an exciting time; we have no control over the pregnancy hormones that can sensitize or desensitize our bodies. It really is an individual experience, and about personal choice. As long as we explore these changes and desires sensibly, there is no need to stop using sex toys for solo play—or with our partner during gestation, just as long as we play sensibly, and have not been told to avoid intercourse by a medical professional. In fact, pregnancy can be an exciting time for self-discovery; it makes us think a little differently about our bodies, and how we like to gratify them.

So while you’re pregnant, whether you crave deep penetration, clitoral fun, or want to explore the joys of anal take this time to relax, and fully discover the pleasures that can be attained from a great range of sex toys. For The Closet also offers helpful tips for yoga poses too, check them out here. The knowledge, fun, and overall experiences can definitely be worth it now and later.

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