25 Lyrics From ‘Lover’ To Use As Your Next Instagram Caption


Taylor Swift is arguably one of the biggest lyrical geniuses of our generation. She can describe any situation flawlessly, tell stories effortlessly, and make us believe in love again with her grace and poise. In light of her seventh album, ‘Lover,’ being released, there are tons of new lyrics for fans to fall in love with (and use for their social media captions). 

Here are 25 of the best lyrics from ‘Lover’ to use in your next IG post:

I forgot that you existed.” (Song: I Forgot That You Existed)

For the perfect after breakup selfie to showcase that you are Miss movin’ on. (Slay, baby, slay!)

She’s a bad, bad girl.” (Song: Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince)

If you have a picture of yourself looking like the queen and the bad bitch you are, use this quote and let it be known! 

I dress to kill my time.” (Song: Death By a Thousand Cuts)

Honey, if you are having a fashion moment and have photographs to highlight it, flaunt it with this caption. 

Drunk on something stronger than the drinks in the bar.” (Song: Cornelia Street)

When you have a picture of you looking unbelievably happy and having a great time, this caption could insinuate anything. For example, as if you’re drunk or high on the joy of life. Or, if you are in fact wasted and find the picture funny to post. It’s up to your discretion! 

Bad, bad boy.” (Song: Cruel Summer)

Use this if you’re posting a silly (or steamy) pic with bae. 

I once believed love would be burning red, but it’s golden.” (Song: Daylight)

This is a romantic caption for a romantic photo. Maybe being twirled in a field by the love of your life, or where you’re dressed up for once on date night.

You know I love a London boy.” (Song: London Boy)

This is perfect if you are at a concert for someone from the UK (maybe like Harry Styles or something) or if you actually have a London lover.

“I’ll tell you the truth but not goodbye.” (Song: Daylight)

For the bold selfies you want to make a statement in. 

“I promise that you’ll never find another like me.” (Song: ME!)

Whether you want to show off your confidence or uniqueness, or just want to remind your ex how amazing you are, this caption can do wonders for making the message clear.

Light pink sky up on the roof.” (Song: It’s Nice to Have a Friend)

We all have those beautiful sky pictures, so why not use a lyric as a caption that actually fits.

He got my heartbeat.” (Song: I Think He Knows)

For a cute pic of you and the boy in your life. Maybe something like a piggyback ride picture?

It’s a cruel summer.” (Song: Cruel Summer)

When you wanna showcase your summer aesthetics with a little bit of attitude (maybe drinking your summer drink on a pool floatie?).

“Boy, I fancy you.” (Song: London Boy)

Selfies with your #ManCrushMonday will be covered with this lyric before you know it.

Jacket round my shoulder is yours.” (Song: Cornelia Street)

If you are having a fashion moment where you have a beautiful jacket on or are striking a model pose with the beloved fashion accessory, use this caption. It screams a mature Vogue model or something clever like that. 

Darling, you’re the one I want.” (Song: Paper Rings)

Whether you’re posting a hint for your crush or posting an adorable couple’s picture, this caption is adorably cute in all the right ways. 

Put you in jail cells for things you didn’t do.” (Song: Afterglow)

Sometimes there are appreciation posts you don’t want to be so out there, but this subtle caption can give the right amount of recognition your bae deserves. 

Have my back every day.” (Song: It’s Nice to Have a Friend)

For when you’re posting a picture with your best friends. 

“Tryna find a part of me you didn’t touch.” (Song: Death By a Thousand Cuts)

If you’re trying to be moody with a sense of reality after a breakup or heartache, this is a great caption to achieve the mood. 

You can find me in the pub.” (Song: London Boy)

If you’re posing with a pint in a pub or are actually in Ireland at a pub especially (oh, the irony), this is a great option only Swifties would pick up on.

“All the king’s horses, all the king’s men couldn’t put me together again.” (Song: The Archer)

If you’re having a bad day but still want to post a pic, this is a great selfie caption option. 

Voted most likely to run away with you.” (Song: Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince)

If you and your partner or even your best friend are going on an adventure of some sort, this would make for a great one at an airport or holding hands doing something cool. 

Shade never made anybody less gay.” (Song: You Need to Calm Down)

If you’re at Pride Parade or are gay and proud, celebrate with this iconic lyric! Everyone will get the reference. 

“I want you.” (Song: I Think He Knows)

For when you want to drop a subtle hint to your crush online. 

In my feelings more than Drake.” (Song: I Forgot That You Existed)

For when you’re in a sassy lil’ outfit and looking smoking hot. 

“You’re my lover.” (Song: Lover)

If you have a photo of you and your lover together, or a really adorable and cheesy pic you want to share, this is the perfect caption to summarize your feelings for them. 

Of course, if you want to be a little more unique, you could always put your own spin on her lyrics. Change a few words around to make it more your own while still referencing her songs. For example, instead of using “If I was out flashing my dollars I’d be a bitch, not a baller,” you could use, “I’m a bitch and a baller.”

Regardless of which you choose for your next social media post, Taylor is our lyrical Queen and we are not worthy for the great content she’s been creating lately. I am thankful she articulated everything I wish I could say in her latest album. Best of all, it gives me plenty of material for Instagram posts (because I was seriously running out of ideas).

Featured image via Taylor Swift on Instagram


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