The Pros And Cons Of Getting Married In College


Getting married may not feel difficult, but it can be a lot harder when you’re a young student. 

It’s one thing if your partner is a professional with a steady income and an understanding of how life works, but what if you’re both students? Here are the pros and cons of marrying young.

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The Cons 

You might not have the financial means to support a family.

It’s not just about the cost of the wedding — it’s about whether or not you can handle paying for school while juggling all of your new expenses as a married adult. If you have a room in a dormitory, that’s great, but whether you live in a dorm or an apartment, you have to think about who pays for utilities, groceries, and other needs. If your parents aren’t financially supporting you, you and your partner need a plan for how you’ll both afford your lives as students.

You might not have time for school.

You spent so much energy to get into college, and you may have not planned for a marriage when you were a student. Marriage takes time and energy to be happy, and you don’t have much extra time on your hands as a student. Your spouse will actively demand attention — even if you’re busy studying for your next midterm.

You may have an uncertain professional future.

Even if you’re a senior, you can’t fully predict your future. If you and your partner accept job offers in different cities or countries, you might have to make a long-distance marriage work. And if you have no future plans, you’re more flexible but may not have the financial means to provide for you and your partner. Marrying as a college student can kill your career aspirations.

The Pros

You may not have past relationship trauma that could affect your marriage.

According to the best writing services, if this is your first relationship, you may not have past relationship trauma. If you haven’t been with a partner who broke you down, you may be able to resolve conflicts with an especially clear head. If you have the strength to make it through marriage conflicts with your partner and “figure it out together,” then you’re likely to have a happy marriage. Being flexible enough to adjust how you approach conflicts and properly organize household chores can keep your love alive long after the wedding. 

You and your partner will grow up together.

When both you and your partner are young and healthy and you don’t have any serious responsibilities, you grow up together. You can travel together, participate in programs with each other, or even launch a business together. You’ll grow up together, support each other when you’re struggling, and become closer with each other.

You may have an easier time having children.

When you’re younger, getting pregnant and having a healthy birth is much easier for most people. If you want to have children after you marry your partner, then marrying young could be a good choice. Children are a lot of work, but if you have a clear plan for how to support them, then you might want to get married and start trying for a baby as early as you can — even if you’re still a student.

There are plenty of pros and cons for students to get married while they’re still in school. If you’re not sure if you can balance studying and the demands of marriage, think over what choice would work best for you as a couple.

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