5 Unbelievable Date Ideas In London You Need To Try

First dates are always awkward by nature.

No matter if you are a serial dater or a newbie, vanquishing The First Date is not easy. Moreover, the online dating has upped the dating game to the cyber bubble that makes a date with your virtual partner in an offline real space even more daunting.

The good news, you are in the city of love, where romance is always in the air.

London dates, can be fun, sexy and super exciting, if you know the hows. Blessed with beautiful gardens and parks, breathtaking views and astonishing nightlife entertainment, London gives so many options to make your date night special and memorable. Among the array of amazing attractions in London, we’ve narrowed down some of our favorites, packed with interesting choices for everybody looking for fun date ideas in London.

Let’s dig deeper:

Spend a Lazy sunday at the Southbank:

London’s south bank is much of a tourist spot and brims with sparkling bars and restaurants especially in summers. It is a host to the Underbelly Festival, situated between the BFI and The London Eye. This makes it a suitable spot for a perfect date. Just grab some drinks and make a plan to stay for evening entertainment. The Underbelly Festival organizes amazing circus performances, Live comedy shows, cabaret and more. You can see much and have a lot of to talk about. This is why it makes a great London date.

Arrange for a picnic and roam around the Richmond Park:

If you and your partner are  nature lovers, then escape to the great outdoors in Richmond Park. Pack your food basket, hire a minibus and make an exception to all the traditional dating trends. Richmond Park has a seal of approval when you prefer a more quiet and relaxed first date.

What about a Pedalo in Victoria Park?

It is “The Notebook” style, but hiring a pedalo and riding in beautiful Victoria Park is a beautiful memory to cherish lifelong. Also, the rowing activity of couple avoids the natural awkwardness of first date. Whether it goes well or not, there is a story to be told. And yes, you can always go to the pub and grab a drink after.

Take a gateway to the Knightsbridge:

Unless you are of the royal family or from the fashion industry, chances are you might find this posh locality of Western London intimidating. Among the row of parked Bentleys, expensive jewelers and designer outlets, the area also introduce some glorious restaurants, bars and shisha places in London. They will surely make your first date a lavishing expense and impress your date like no other. Just don’t pretend that you visit this area very often else the expectation for upcoming dates might leave your ruined.

Watch a movie at the Rooftop Film club:

However, movies are a big NO on the first dates, but if the theater is rooftop, then the experience is heartwarming. Watching a classic movie at dusk sets all the right moods and you can always cuddle under a blanket.

With so many exciting and romantic options to choose from, organizing a date night in London is complicated. This list of 5 of the best spots in London might gave you hints on how you can make it special. From fun filled amusement parks to style staycations and most romantic restaurants. London has covered all the romance right from your first date to your wedding proposal.

Photo by Hugo Sousa on Unsplash


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