7 Small Things You Can Do To Spice Up Your Sex Life

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Sex is an important part of every relationship. However, we can sometimes fall into a routine that makes sexual acts less appealing. Whether work, stress, or daily life is hampering your sex life, fear not! So, here are seven ways that you can spice up your sex life without making too many drastic changes.

1. Try Some Sex Games

These days, there’s an abundance of sex games you and your partner can buy or look up online. From the traditional sex dice to a deck of “foreplay cards,” there’s something for everyone. When you try such games to figure out your partner’s perferences, you can spend more time appreciating your partner’s needs, which we often forget to do. 

2. Try Reading Some Erotica

While reading erotica is a stereotypically female activity, more men are getting into the fun of erotic novels. Reading about sexual topics can easily turn you on since reading activates your imagination far more than erotic films do. Try reading erotica to each other and try out some of the moves.

3. Explore Each Other’s Sex Fantasies

Opening up about our sexual fantasies can frighten us since it makes us vulnerable. However, in order to have an exciting sex life, we have to overcome our fear of openness. Remember that your partner will not judge your fantasies. Furthermore, they would probably love to hear what you’re into in order to better please you. Sharing your sexy desires can also improve communication between you and your partner, so start talking!

4. Use Scarves/Blindfolds

If you truly want to spice up your sex life, try introducing blindfolds to the bedroom. You can simply use scarves. When your partner blindfolds you, you will fully feel every touch and caress. Not seeing what is happening will allow you to stay in the moment and strengthen your other senses. 

5. Think Beyond The Bed

If you want to spice up your sexual life, location matters. Instead of using a bed, try doing it on the couch. You could even come up with your own sex positions against the wall or a table or even in the shower. Explore different options with your partner, and find what works for you. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new, sexy spot for making love?

6. Strip For Each Other

Because we’re so visual, stripping for your partner is a great way to spice things up. Turn on some sexy music, and give your lover a show. For an extra turn-on, strip down slowly. The longer your other half looks at you, the more turned on they’ll be.

7. Appreciate Each Other Outside Of Sex

Sexual desire isn’t just limited to sex, so remember to be affectionate and caring with your partner outside of the bedroom as well. Showing your love everywhere you go may help your partner be more willing to change things up in the bedroom, since they’ll know that you don’t only care about sex. It never hurts to be loving!

Try out these sex tips, or feel free to make up your own moves! No matter your preferences, these are sure to excite you and your partner. Sex has to be fun, so don’t be afraid to spice it up! 

Have any great sex tips? Share them in the comments below!

Feature image via stokpic on Pixabay


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