A Beginner’s Guide To Sexting Your Partner

Between working our butts off on the job and maintaining our health after hours, we’re constantly busy. Sometimes we work so hard that we have no time for intimacy with our partners, especially if we travel for work or are in a long-distance relationship. Still, do we really have to forgo intimacy to get ahead in life? Not if you add sexting your partner into your daily grind.

Sexting is so much more than just messing around. In fact, it’s a wonderful way to keep the magic alive in both new and long-term relationships. According t sex therapists like Kait Scalisi, “Sexting is the perfect foreplay. It’s a fun, flirty way to stay connected to your partner.” Therefore, it’s no surprise that over 80 percent of young adults now engage in sexting on a regular basis.

But, how do you start talking dirty by sexting your partner?

First and foremost, start the conversation with something both sweet and suggestive. Let your partner know that you’re thinking about them and craving some of their love.

Example sext starters:

  • “Waiting to see you is unbearable…”
  • “I can’t wait for you to come… home.”
  • “Come keep me warm tonight.”
  • “I woke up hungry for you…”

Also, don’t underestimate the power of emojis! Some people say that emojis are a total turn-off, but they can definitely help keep your sexts fun and playful.

Once you kick off your steamy conversation, try including some suggestive compliments. These will not only make your partner feel great, but they can also lead to some sexy banter.

Example compliments:

  • “Your (insert body part) just feels so incredible.”
  • “Just thinking about you makes me wet.”
  • “I love it when you talk like that.”
  • “Only you can cure my cravings.”

Finally, keep what not to do in mind as well. Don’t send unsolicited pictures of genitals, no matter how well you know your partner. You never know who might see those! Also, avoid being so blunt that you take away the magic or using those weird abbreviations that make everything sound childish. Don’t send anything that your partner could later use against you, and don’t wait too long to respond to the messages. There’s a huge difference between coyness and avoidance.

Last but not least, never end a sexting conversation with “thank you.” Nobody wants you to thank them after actual sex, so why add it to your sexts?

The best part of sexting your partner is the suggestiveness and the anticipation that something steamy will happen later. So whether you’re short on time with your partner or your potential love interest lives across the country, sexting can be a great way to keep things spicy even when you’re apart. 

Do you have some great sexting secrets? Share them with us in the comments!

Feature Image by rawpixel.com from Pexels


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