7 Classic Texts All F-Boys Send

So, you think you’ve found a good guy. You’ve found someone who seems different, one that doesn’t play games with beautiful women. Well, here’s the test.

Ladies or gents, if the person you are texting says any of these classic f*** boy lines, now is your chance: run.

1) “I want to take you for a ride in my car.”

I’m sure you can guess why an f-boy wants you alone in the car with him. It’s not because he wants to show you his cool new air freshener. Guys like these want you trapped. In this specific case, you have no escape. You are completely vulnerable to their plans, and that’s just how they want you.

2) “I’m not like other guys.”

Not only is this boy trying to be Regina George’s mom from Mean Girls, but the fact that he needs to tell you this means that they most certainly are like other guys. When someone is truly good, they don’t need to prove it to you. This line is their way of making you think they might actually be a good guy.

3) “What are you doing right now?”

If a guy sends you this, he is waiting for you to excite him. He wants to hear that you are doing something provocative that will turn him on (as if you aren’t sitting on the couch eating a bag of chips while crying to The Notebook). Watch out for this text. When a guy sends it, he has you on his mind and not in a good way.

4) “I’m no good for you.”

Finally! The f-boy says something true. He most definitely isn’t good for you, but don’t get too excited. This is not him admitting his faults, it’s a ploy for you to tell him how wonderful he is. They want your pity so then you will feel a degree of sympathy for them. The ultimate goal here is for you to tell the guy how wonderful he is, boosting his ego and changing your mind on a subconscious level. I mean how can he be bad right? He just has problems.

5) “This isn’t my first rodeo.”

I’m not sure why guys think women find this attractive. This screams, “Look at me! I have hooked up with a bunch of other girls!” I think, on some level, it’s supposed to demean you. You are one of many for them, a trophy to be collected, a conquest.  

6) “Don’t tell anyone.”

The old hush-hush. These types of boys do not want their personal business to be shown off. If others knew about you, they would lose a lot of potential hookups. So no, it’s not because he’s “a super private and emotional” person. This is him wanting to keep you a secret. Don’t let him! He should be so proud to call you his that he can’t help but tell people.

7) “I’m not a relationship kind of guy.”

This has to be my least favorite. The idea that your desires should be put aside because “he isn’t a relationship kind of guy” is absurd. This is just an excuse for a relationship without labels. Without the label, he is technically a free man. He can play the field and fool around with whoever he wants because you aren’t technically boyfriend and girlfriend. *yuck.  

Ladies, now is the time we claim our independence from f-boys. You deserve to be loved and respected. Settle for nothing less.

Featured image via Stefan Stefancik on Unsplash


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