Here’s How Drunk-Texting Your Ex Really Goes

We all know the golden rule after breaking up: don’t call or text your ex! Especially don’t utilize drunk-texting. However, many of us reach for alcohol to numb the heartache, and it can lead to some disastrous consequences. Don’t worry, though; if you’ve every committed drunk-texting, you’re not alone.

Every time we go out with our friends, we tell ourselves that we won’t text our exes. After all, we made a pact with ourselves. However, by the end of the night, it turns out that alcohol is a little stronger than our will.

Just as with everything else in life, there are several stages of drunk-texting. 

Drunk-texting usually starts off when the mere thought that we should hit up our ex crosses our minds. At that point, we’re usually sober enough to combat that urge, so we put our phones down. Simultaneously, we start venting to our friends about our ex in order to keep our mind busy. But then the alcohol starts kicking in more quickly… or maybe we just start drinking more. Who knows at that point?

The next stage is crucial because that’s when you decide to pick up your phone again.

Your mind feels foggy, and your friends’ advice no longer remains in your brain. You move from one foot to the other in hopes that you’ll find your balance again, but it’s not really working. So you click on that dreaded nickname that you gave your ex (it could be anything from “Satan Himself” to “Queen of All Things Evil”).

Then, you start typing your beautifully crafted message. Depending on your feelings for your ex, you either profess your undying love or wish that lightning would strike them down. Nevertheless, you send the text, even though you know you shouldn’t. And unfortunately, you didn’t give grammar a single thought.

Now, there are two types of drunk-texters. One stops after a single text and moves on, while the other bombards the receiver with multiple blue bubbles in mere seconds. However, let’s be real: more often than not, we’re all that second person. When we consume alcohol, our brain gives up on us.

When the morning comes, we realize just how much we weren’t thinking last night while we check our phones.Then, we start feeling all sorts of emotions: fear, embarrassment, confusion, and seriously hungover. You might feel tempted to send an explanatory text to your ex, but don’t bother.

Finally, you try to forget about your hiccup and move on with your life. All is well, but then you plan a night out again. Your fear of drunk-texting your ex again floods over you, but you tell yourself that you’re stronger this time. Don’t kid yourself –  leave your phone at home this time.

Do you have a drunk-texting story? Share it in the comments below!

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