The 7 Types Of Friendships You Have In Your 20s

TBH, we can all relate to having some friends that we can’t see ourselves being buddies with forever. Right? I mean, yes, we may love them, but at the end of the day who is there for you when shit eventually hits the fan? We all have different types of friends in our lives, some stick around until we are racing together in a nursing home, others are there for only a short period of time. These are the 10 types of friends every millennial has had.

1. The Drama Queen

This friend can turn any situation into a major deal. I mean, they treat a small issue in their life as if Hurricane Katrina was attacking them. They usually blow everything out of proportion by over exaggerating.

2. The Hoe Bag
You probably started hanging out with this type of friend because she was fun as hell. You probably don’t want to bring her around the guy you’re talking too, and when you are in a relationship, she probably pushes you to do things you shouldn’t be doing. But, hey, she gives excellent sex advice and comes up with pervy jokes.

3. The Work Wife
This friend keeps the positive in your work. She most likely knows more about you, than your best friend does. You like going to your job because she is there to talk to, and make you laugh throughout the day. But, when one of you quit, you stop talking because the only real thing you had in common was work.

4. The Jealous Friend
This type of friend is clingy. She or he gets mad at you for hanging out with other people. They are always asking you who you’re texting, or making plans with. They want to be your focus of attention, and if you don’t see them within a couple of days, they will be mad. Don’t post a photo of you and your other friend on social media, you’ll have hell to pay.

5. The One Who Disappeared
This friend is awesome, but as soon as she gets a boyfriend she is gone. You’ll try reaching out, but she will say she is busy. You’ll only see her when her boyfriend is with the guys. If her and the BF breaks up, she will be back in your DM’s immediately.

6. The Big Mouth
This type of friend probably got your attention by sharing some dirty gossip. Maybe you two even bonded over not liking the same person. You probably became close fast, and shared a lot of personal secrets. Then you probably heard your own personal stuff through other people and realized the big mouth spilled it. Hint: If someone gossips a lot to you, they are probably talking shit about you too.

7. The Forever Friend

This type of friend has been there for you through everything. She understands when you’re busy, and she also understands that you’re older now with more priorities. She has been loyal since day one, and still makes the time for you though she’s in a steady relationship. Of course, you may have your ups and downs, but in the end she is your ride or die and she will be there by your side for life.

There are many types of friends out there, and of course, plenty of friendships to experience. Something I have grown to realize is you can pick your own friends. Surround yourself with relationships that make you feel good, and make you happy. On your life journey, take along those who only care and love you. Don’t bring negative people along for the ride. At the end of the day,

you are in control of your own life.

Feature image via Roberto Nickson on Unsplash


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