4 Steps To Get Out Of Your Slump And Put Yourself First

As the crippling winter months continue, it can be easy to neglect ourselves and become lazy in terms of self-care. It is hard enough to muster up motivation to get out of bed and seize the day when it’s -20 outside. It’s much easier just to hide under the covers in bed and refuse to face your ever growing to do list. It is common for people to get burned out around this time of year, even though many people have set resolutions they are trying stick to. In order to combat the urge to create a human cocoon with your sheets, it is essential to take steps towards maintaining effective self-care routines on a daily basis to avoid falling into a slump.

Make time for your hobbies

When life starts to become busy and you can sense you are overwhelmed, remember what kinds of things give you joy and make you happy. It could be as simple as walking your dog, or doing a DIY project off of Pinterest. Your mind often needs a break from day to day thoughts, and your favorite activities can help to relieve stress.


20 minutes of exercise a day has been proven to increase the production of endorphins in the brain. More endorphins equal less stress and more “feel good” hormones. Whether it be biking, pilates, rock climbing, skiing… any activity that gets your body moving has positive effects on your mood! Making exercise a priority as well as a habit, may be tough at first, but once you are used to the routine, you will be able to notice if you miss a day or two of it.

Read a book

It feels great to escape everyday life stresses by reading a book. Focusing on something else beside your own personal issues gives you a break and can ease anxiety. Reading stimulates your brain and is a healthy activity.

Surround yourself with good company

Whether it’s your best friend, co-workers, classmates, or your dog, being around people who uplift you can work wonders on your mood. The energy of others is sometimes all you need to get yourself out of your own head.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself despite the cold weather trying to bring you down. You have to put yourself first sometimes without feeling guilty. If you feel like you don’t have something that takes you away from the stresses of everyday life, try a few different activities. Eventually, you will find one that fits into your lifestyle.

Features image via Vaibhav Kashyap on Pexels


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