Why Society Thinks It’s A ‘Trend’ To Be Queer

Ever so often I hear older generations say that being gay is a “trend” and suddenly there are so many gay people. I desperately want to either hit them or simply scream. A Trend? You make it sound as if people’s sexuality is the latest Snapchat filter or Finn Wolfgards’ latest twitter post! Let me state the obvious: we are not a trend.

The millennials are a society of acceptance and open-minded beings. Simply put: more open-minded people equals safer space plus more queer young adults feeling more comfortable to come out. But of course,older, more “traditional” people will not understand this concept as most believe that being queer is either a way of seeking attention or a “phase”.

Please remember that none of us insinuated you being heterosexual to be a phase; nor did we ever point out that “hey, look there are so many straight people…It’s trending right alongside Kim Kardashians latest Instagram post!” Yes; that sounds absolutely ridiculous-now you know how we feel.

The other reason for the gradual exposure is that more straight allies voice their support for their queer loved ones. Although many assume that they are in fact queer themselves because that’s the only reason that LGBT people would be supported right? Insert rolling eyes emoji,please… Loved ones, friends and well-reasonable human beings- see the obvious. That just because a person is in love with the person of the same sexnote that I used the term same sex, gender is a social construct darling and very different from ones sex) does not mean that there is something wrong with them. A person’s sexuality does not define who they are, its time to wake up and realize that it’s the twenty-first century. Would you really rather have presidents with criminal records and wrap sheets of female rights violations, than two girls in a happy, healthy and loving relationship?

I know it is a lot to ask that everyone be open-minded and accept and love one another but I do need to point out the obvious: We are human beings with very real feelings and emotions. Acting as if we are the latest millennial obsession that is doomed to be a passing phase is offensive and oppressive. We happen to celebrate pride month for this exact reason! To honor and celebrate those who lost their lives in hate crimes and fought for the rights of LGBT members.

I honestly believe that it is such an amazing thing that the millennials have created an open space that so many feel comfortable to be whatever gender or sexuality that they identify with, without feeling so insecure and anxious… that they are so proud to be themselves.

So the next time you see a gay couple holding hands in the shops, do yourself a favor. Look at them: I mean really look at them. Notice how they are human beings, with heartbeats. They most likely have their own demons. What else do you know about them? Nothing. You don’t know if that was the first time they had ever shown affection in public because they finally aren’t scared. You don’t know if they’re holding hands because the one is going through so much and their partner is trying to support them through it. You know that saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all?”

It applies to all people, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash



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