7 Popular Beauty Trends Of 2018 That Will Definitely Still Slay In 2019

2018 is the year of game-changing beauty trends from next-level eyelashes to barely-there foundations with beauty being given a new dimension. The year witnessed some of the best and some not so great trends that challenged the existing norms of the beauty game. Some of these trends were HUGE and became so popular in 2018 that they are definitely making a place for themselves in the upcoming year!

Here are 7 popular beauty trends of 2018 that will be big in 2019:

Fake Eyelashes
With eyelashes getting super weird, this is one of the biggest beauty trends of 2018! Today, all eyes are on long, lush lashes and how to get them.  One of the most recent developments in this context is the magnetic lash trend, i.e. actual magnets on your eyes. There are two magnetic lashes for each eye, one for the top and one for the bottom eyelash. To apply, you need to clamp the set of magnetic lashes together over your natural lashes. Another booming creative lash method is the false lash applicator. All that you need is the tool and lash glue. Simply roll up the individual lash and lock them into place with a lash glue, Furthermore, some brands offer multi-colored lashes! How about getting rainbow-hued false lashes for festive seasons? No matter what you choose, these are definitely getting carried onto 2019.

Graphic Nail Designs
With the less-is-more approach really working for this trend, negative space, geometric prints, and minimalist accent nails are some of the popular designs. Just a couple of shades like black and nude can help you master the look. While designing your nails, clean them up by simply applying a liquid latex barrier around them. Then peel off the dried latex to reveal a clean fingertip. You could create a modern look by creating, onto polished nail, shapes like a circle or random squares, with a dark color like black. Another popular form of graphic nail art is “cuticle jewelry”. This involves painting a thin glitter line on or around the cuticle, creating a design resembling gold chains. Something we’d definitely want in 2019.

Facial Roller
With myriad beauty posts on social media featuring this product, it surely qualifies to be a major beauty trend of 2018. A facial roller is a tool used to massage the face. The most popular types of facial rollers to keep your eyes on are Jade, Budget, and Ice. A jade roller de-puffs and soothes the skin, while a budget roller alleviates tension, stimulates the blood flow and helps the facial skin absorb as much moisture as possible. Ice roller is a glass tool which should be stored in the refrigerator for half an hour before use. It drains toxins from the eye area, besides boosting oxygen and the metabolism of skin cell regrowth.

Innovative Hair Products
This is the year of ease and convenience in hair care as more people are seeking products that help them touch up on the go. Hence, with the recent introduction of anti-frizz wipes, oil blotting sheets for your scalp, and foam dry shampoos, people are finally able to make their hair look better in a pinch! Essential oils for hair is something we saw new this year and the trend is on a rise finding its place in shampoos, masks and hair serums. Needless to mention, these innovative hair products are a must-have in your bag to refresh after a long day.

Skincare Supplements
Maintaining healthy, glowing skin is a huge concern this year and the year definitely saw the introduction of a supplement to our skincare. Generally, foods high in Vitamin C make very useful skincare supplements. Many supplements (in the form of day and night capsules) contain a clinically-tested combination of anti-aging nutrients which help protect against oxidative stress and damage. There are also supplements that can be mixed into your smoothies to increase collagen (a key structural protein in our bodies) production. No matter what year, supplements are definitely something you should consider implementing in your skincare.

Water-weight Foundation
2018 was all about celebrating real skin! The steady rise in water-light textured, weightless foundations focuses on complexions and the full coverage, heavy foundation trend is fast diminishing. These water-weight foundations are breathable, comfortable and undetectable on the skin. A huge relief indeed, from the thick and cakey feel of traditional foundations. So glad this one is on the 2019 list too!

Active Beauty Buys
2018 brings a new meaning to the concept of exercise. It’s about the products to use before and after exercise. Moisturisers that minimize sweat and mists that spray away redness are being sought earnestly by people following a regular fitness regime, for instance, working out regularly at the gym. Makeup products like mineral based foundation and compact specifically meant for workouts are on the rise.

2018 also saw an increasing trend towards organic skincare. Organic skincare products are made from plant-based ingredients that work in harmony with the skin without affecting the skin’s natural balance. The African Black Soap has been extremely popular in 2018 and with the number of health benefits it has to offer, its a sure bet that it will be carried onto 2019 as well. Apart from these, skin care masks, cannabis skincare and a leaning focus toward gender-neutral beauty are expected to flourish in 2019.

Featured image via Jenna Anderson on Unsplash


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