Dog Lovers: Tips to Ensure Your Pet Has a Full and Healthy Life

Having a pet dog is one of the most fulfilling things a human can do. However, if you want your pet to thrive, you have to make sure that he has a fulfilling life, as well. Here are some things that you can for your pup to ensure your pet has a full and healthy life, so you can enjoy his company for as long as possible.

Feed Him Good Food

The quality of your dog’s life will have a big impact on his health and how he feels. Talk to your vet about the best kind of food to feed your pet, then try to stick to your vet’s recommendations. Feeding your dog the right food will not only ensure he gets the right nutrients to stay healthy and strong, it will also help him avoid disease and weight gain as he grows older.

Get Plenty of Exercise

Like humans, dogs need to exercise to stay healthy–both emotionally and physically! Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise every single day, including walks, playtime, swimming, and more. As your dog gets older, you may need to tailor the exercise to meet his physical capabilities, but keeping him active will ensure he’s happy no matter how old he gets to be.

Go to the Vet Regularly

From the very beginning of your dog’s life, you should take him to the vet regularly. The vet will ensure that he has all of the proper preventative treatments to stave off any harmful parasites or disease (including medications like Sentinel, which can ward off heartworms, fleas, and more in puppies). Regular visits to the vet will help catch any conditions or diseases as they arise so they can be treated properly. The vet will also help your dog maintain proper oral and dental care, since the health of their mouth and their teeth can have a greater impact on their body overall.

Invest in Their Care

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on your dog, but if you have a pet pup, you need to make sure that you set up a nice, high quality life for him. This means that he should have a comfortable bed to sleep in, good food, toys to make him happy, a warm place to be when it’s cold (and a cool place to be when it’s warm), and routine grooming and physical care. If you want your dog to be happy and feel good during his long, full life, you need to devote attention and resources to him.

Spend Time Together

Dogs are social creatures, who, in the wild, live in packs. When you have a pet dog at your home, you need to spend good, quality time with him. Leaving your dog alone makes him anxious or depressed. If you work during the days, instead of leaving your pup isolated, consider taking him to a doggy daycare. That way, when you can’t be around him, he’ll have other dogs and humans to keep him company. When he’s not at doggy daycare, make sure you get lots of great time in by each other’s sides.

If you learn to take care of your dog and provide him with all of the love and care that he needs, he’ll most likely live a long life by your side. Then, both of you will be able to enjoy the best benefits of having a trusting, loving, and loyal companion.

Featured image via Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels


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