3 Upcoming Artists That Aren’t On Your Radar – But Totally Should Be

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If you’re anything like me then you’ve been stuck in an unchanging loop of the same few artists. Well, look no more. We’ve compiled a list of the best artists on the rise that you absolutely must check out!

1. Isolated

Isolated has to be the top artist you aren’t listening to yet, but you should definitely check them out. This artist’s latest hit, Summer Dropout, is the perfect summer song. What’s more impressive is that the vocals were actually written by a high-school student, Davis Peter. Furthermore, Peter documented the behind-the-scenes process on his hip hop page “hiphop.era”. If you are looking for a great sound with fantastic lyrics and top-notch production quality, this is an artist for you. The moment you turn on their song, you will be totally hooked. When you become as hooked as we are, prepare to get excited, because Isolated has already teased a new album coming out in a few months. 

Check them out here:

2. Ramsey the Fourth

You have to check out this artist! His song, Run!, has the perfect vibes for any occasion. Whether you are driving down the highway, running on a treadmill, or just hanging out at home, this song fits every mood. Furthermore, Ramsey actually produced Isolated’s song. Clearly, this is a very talented artist. We are super excited to hear what this artist will be putting out over the next couple months. 

Check them out here:

3. Caroline Keller Band

This artist completely differs from my normal taste in music, but I still adore them. I found them after they performed at a music festival in my area, and from that moment on, I was completely hooked. Caroline Keller Band has the perfect mix of relatable lyrics and a pure country sound. Whether you are going through a breakup and you need to rant, or you are feeling down, this artist has a song for every feeling. I was instantly invested when I heard them sing Trouble, but since then, I’ve grown to depend on Broken. If you want lyrics that truly hit home and an infectious country sound, check out Caroline Keller Band. 

Check them out here:

Next time you feel like mixing up your musical routine, check out one of these fantastic artists. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Featured image from @arstyy via Unsplash.



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