6 Piercings You Should Consider Getting Done

Who doesn’t want to stay ahead of the latest trends? This summer, body jewelry is one of the hottest things out there, so you don’t want to lag behind! From pearl hand bracelets and dangling belly charms to lip labrets and septum rings, this season’s trending jewelry styles are bold, sassy, and playful. Here are 6 types of body jewelry that every fashionista should stock up on this summer:

So, get ready to update your wardrobe with hottest high-quality body jewelry.

1. Eyebrow Jewelry 

Many women opt for eyebrow piercings to make their eyes look more dramatic. You can adorn your eyebrow perforations with chic pieces like curved barbells, clicker rings, spiral barbells, or captive bead rings. 

2. Earrings


What’s better than revamping your earring collection with some fresh pieces? If you love earrings, it’s it’s time to get your hands on new hoops, studs, and drop earrings. This season, tassel-drop and crystal drop earrings are huge hits. Geometric shapes, like triangles, spirals, squares, and rhombuses are hot, too. And if you want to up your style game at your summer internship or job, try out some classy pearl earrings! 

3. Belly Rings


Want to flaunt your bikini body in style? Stock up on belly charms! Not only will they sass up your piercing, but they will also draw attention to your sexy curves. Go for a heart or cross charm belly ring or even a decadent hinged ring. 

4. Lip Jewelry


If you want to stand out from the crowd, play up your lip piercing! No matter what type of lip piercing you have, gemstone labrets, diamond lip rings, dangling lip rings, or pearl studs are a great way to express your bold personality!

5. Tongue Jewelry


Tongue jewelry is also trending this summer season, so make yourself stick out! If you want to have fun with your piercing this summer, try out barbells with pearl balls. You’re sure to be a hit!

6. Septum Rings


Gone are the days when only goth girls wore septum rings. Today, it seems like nearly every woman has a septum piercing, so get ready to add a few septum rings to your body jewelry wardrobe. Go for trendy circular barbells or rings to accentuate your piercing.

No matter what type of piercing you have, body jewelry is sure to amp up your summer look! Hit up your favorite stores and treat yourself to those earrings you’ve wanted forever. What better way to kick off summer?

Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash


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