10 Celebrity Tour Merch You Will Want To Rock

Buzzfeed reported that fans were dragging Ariana Grande for selling cheap looking tour merch. This raises several questions. Are musicians’ merch usually this tacky? Which fandoms have the most stylish options? We rounded up the best celebrity merch (in no particular order) and find that some are so worth it.


We will never get over Bey-chella and Single Ladies. Thankfully, we have Beyonce’s merch to keep those legendary moments alive. They also highlight women empowerment, which we are so here for.


Despite what Buzzfeed reported, Grande offers items with cultural importance since they pay homage to the iconic movie, Mean Girls. In addition, they have fun messages from her songs that anyone can wear – even non-Grande fans.


Step into a fun Katy Perry music video by slipping on one of these babies. You can rock these everyday or use them as a Halloween costume to become your favorite American Idol judge.


Customers who are embarrassed to be known as Swift fans can subtly stan by wearing her items that don’t have “Taylor Swift” printed all over. Plus, they can incorporate the merch into everyday looks.


If you love J.B.’s personal style, you’ll love his merch. They reflect his wardrobe, and you’ll be twinning right there with him at future concerts.


If you’re a fan who like to stan loud and proud, Cardi B.’s products are just for you. The name of the artist and the fandom are clearly written all over her merch.


Want to look sexy and cute? Gomez’s collection mastered it with pieces that hint to her sensual music videos, Fetish and Bad Liar.


If you want street style vibes, Dua Lipa has got you covered with this neon palette. On top of that, people won’t argue with you about politics since you’ll be endorsing the best candidate with her tee.


Though Minaj has been out of the public eye for a while, her fans can keep her spirit present with these graphic pieces. The illustrations are top notch like all of her outfits.


Want to be a motherf*ckin’ starboy? Exude quiet confidence by throwing on one of these jackets!

It’s obvious that these stans have the best of the best when it comes to repping their favorite artists. And if your #1 doesn’t have cute merch, you can always make your own. DIY tees are what true fans make anyway.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Sarah, love you lots. But I wouldn’t wear these even if you paid me, except the peach enamel pin. And Bad Liar, lol since I’m a pathological liar according to Amy (I’m werkin on it OKKKK?)

    I miss you and Amy daily, I think about you both. Really hope you guys are doing well, I love you both to the bottom of my heart, never, ever, forget that. You two come first to me, nobody else.

    • You’re so funny “Stella”. I miss you too and love you a lot (Ya know you’re one of my besties). I’ll find some pins just for you xoxo


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