6 Essential Steps To Stop Giving Up On Your Dreams

Have you ever wondered why you decide to change an area of your life and feel fired up, only to soon find yourself feeling unmotivated? You make excuses for why you can’t live out your dreams because you don’t yet know how to be the person you aspire to become. But you can still pursue your dreams even when you feel like giving up – it just takes a little extra effort. Here are six steps to help you stop making excuses to achieve your dreams.

1. Recognize your excuses as non-truths.

The fact that you wanted to create change proves that you have it in you to make them happen.

What to do now? 

You may believe that to move forward, you need to heal something, but you need to recognize that this is an avoidance tactic.

Yes, you may to change some parts of your life, but you are still perfectly capable of pursuing your dreams. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t aspired for more in the first place.

2. Get back behind the wheel of your life.

Place your fears, doubts, and insecurities in the passenger seat, and treat them as though they’re annoying passengers who won’t not shut up. 

Drive toward your goals – no matter what your insecurities tell you. Instead, decide to listen the voice called you to dream up your ambitions in the first place.

3. Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

Your fear of change may tell you that if you live your life how it is right now, you’ll move in the right direction. After all, according to your mind, growing and letting go of old patterns is more uncomfortable than staying stagnant. 

But your mind is playing tricks on you. Your old unconscious beliefs aren’t accurate, but when you challenge them, they’ll become weaker and weaker. You’ll feel uncomfortable, but you’ll grow, and you’ll gradually regain comfort.

Get comfortable with your discomfort now – it’ll help you as you grow.

4. Keep your word when you pursue your dreams. 

Moving beyond the comfort zone also requires you to recognize that your word is your bond. If you say that you’re going to do something, then do it. Push your excuses aside.

Breaking your word to yourself drains your energy and feeds into your false beliefs.

You may have to lean in and push yourself to do what you need to, but when you do, you’ll discover that you can accomplish anything.

5. Ask yourself if your behavior matches the outcome that you want.

Remember that to create change, you need to practice change. The best way to change? Align your thoughts, feelings, and behavior with the outcome you desire. Once you do, you’ll put yourself in the circumstances that will help you become the person you want to be.

6. Shift your language. 

If you want to go after your dreams, you can’t afford to use phrases like, “It’s not meant to be.”

Instead, you need to ask, “How is my mindset leading me to my end result?” The answer lies in whether your response is proactive or reactive. Reactive responses play off your old habits, so shift your language to the proactive. Don’t feed into false beliefs! consciously choose to feed the false.

Your old beliefs aren’t the truth — so don’t fuel them anymore.

Life is bringing you everything that you need to be successful, even if you can’t see it now. You’re growing into who you need to be in order to have the life that you desire. Enjoy the journey — you’ve got this!

Originally written by Kaye Doran on YourTango.

Photo by Maxim Tolchinskiy on Unsplash


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