Summer Jobs That Are Perfect For Your Wanderlust

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The American Dream has always been: grow up, go to college, get an amazing job, get married, buy a house…where is the fun in all that? And when do you get to have any? While many will say, the responsible thing to do during your college summer breaks is to get an internship or a part-time job in the field of your interest, I say this is the time to live it up. Take some risks and do some things you may never get to do again, under the safe guise of still being in college.

Don’t get a boring summer job. Life has way more to teach than just facts and figures. Do yourself a favor, and consider something more along these lines.

Tour Guide in a Foreign Country: Want to make use of all those art history courses you took while trying to figure out your major? Why not be a tour guide at the Vatican or the Louvre or even the Great Pyramids? As most of the world travels during summer holidays and tourism is up with the economy, many international monuments, museums, and galleries hire extra help during summer months. Most are always looking for English speaking natives as a great majority of tourists speak the same. If you can’t find openings at your favorite sites, try tour operators in the area that work independently of the actual museum or conglomeration.

Croupier in Vegas, Monte Carlo or Macau: If you are a college student in the US, it’s likely you’ve been to Vegas at least once. However, you probably haven’t gotten to sit at the high rollers tables. One way to enjoy this pleasure is to sit on the other side of the table, as the dealer or croupier. Over 66% of croupiers are female and a friendly, outgoing personality can take you far. Getting experience in the ever-growing and always hiring Las Vegas can also open doors to travel to Monte Carlo, Macau or some other casino destination during your following summers. Apply early because while the summer brings a boost in tourism and job openings, they go fast.

Cruise Line Work in the Caribbean or Mediterranean: If you are going to get a job tending bar, bussing tables or housekeeping hotel rooms, why not do it on a cruise line? While the pay may not be extravagant, what other job is going to offer you room, board, travel, adventure and working alongside or serving people from all over the world? There are over 50 different cruise lines in the world and half of them headquarter in either the US or the UK, making English speaking employees a requirement. It takes hundreds of people to maintain service aboard a cruise ship, and most positions have nothing to do with any maritime knowledge. You may already have the experience they need right now. Be careful, though; you may not want to go back to school!

Glacier Guide in Alaska: Summer tourism thrives when the vast wilderness that is Alaska thaws out. Alaska is rarely the first thought that pops into a college student’s head when thinking of a summer job, but it can be exciting and fulfilling to immerse yourself in Alaska’s natural beauty while working as a guide on one of the helicopter tours. Most tours are based out of Juno, Skagway or Petersburg, so this summer job is perfect if you really want to get away from it all and be one with nature. You’ll spend most of your time outside, working with tour groups while experiencing rainforests, alpine ridges, and mountain peaks. Be prepared – guides must be certified in CPR and first aid. 

Whether you become an Adventure Tourism Guide in New Zealand or an English Teacher in China, spend your college summers making unique memories, learning strange and different cultures and making new friends worldwide.

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