This Store Has The BEST Jeans For Curvy Women

Shopping can be extremely satisfying if you find the product you were looking for or discover an unexpected find, but other times, it can be the most frustrating nightmare. Some people may say that jeans are one of the easiest clothing articles. They look great on many body types, and they’re readily available nearly everywhere.

But in my opinion, nothing is more painful than shopping for jeans.

As a curvy girl who has a “semi-slim thick body type,” jean shopping was always a horrible experience. Nothing would fit my calves, thighs, and hips all at once. So I’d settle for a pair that fit over my bum and thighs but required that I wear a belt and roll up the bottoms. I could never pull off trendy skinny jeans without dying from discomfort or ripping them within a month (or both).

That is, until I rediscovered a store we’ve all visited before: Old Navy.

I know what you’re thinking, “Old Navy? What a mom store!” I overlooked Old Navy (and their jeans in particular), for a long time. But believe me: Their Rockstar jeans are the best damn denim I’ve ever purchased.

Most people don’t realize (or often forget) that Old Navy carries a wide variety of clothing for all body types, and they’ve been a denim destination since they opened in the mid-90’s. Once I rediscovered this store, I learned that their plus-size section is incredibly inclusive. Their plus-size jeans go all the way to size 30, and they come in short, regular, and long lengths

So you can find denim pants for nearly any size and height!

The quality of Old Navy’s denim is so high that I’ve owned some of my Rockstar jeans for at least four years. I only buy a new pair if my size changes or I find a pair with a cute design. I also sometimes wear their black denim as dress pants, and nobody knows!

Another thing that makes their Rockstars so great is the way they stretch and conform to women’s bodies. So for curvy women, they comfortably hug all the places that other jeans don’t. They also loosen with each wear and wash, but the colour never seems to fade.

Sadly, Old Navy’s denim may seem a tad expensive. Their average retail price is around $40, but Old Navy almost always holds storewide and denim-specific sales. Trust me; I find Old Navy jeans on sale more often than not and save my money so that I can stock up when there’s a massive discount.

So if you struggle to find a good, quality pair of jeans for your curves, then I highly suggest that you hit up Old Navy and check out their Rockstar jeans. The jeans will bring back that confident jean shopping in no time, plus they’ll make your butt look good in the process!

Feature Image via Unsplash


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