It’s Time To Indulge Because Today Is National Donut Day


They’re versatile, you can eat them any time, and they bring happiness to everyone who eats them. They come in an abundance of flavors and styles, and people will wait in insanely long lines for them.

The donut is an iconic pastry.

I, for one, get excited every National Donut Day because I believe in treating myself to this scrumptious, soft, and mouthwatering treat. Whether they’re mini donuts or classic glazed from Krispy Kreme, I will gladly accept donuts as long as they’re not stale or expired.

The donut may have a murky origin, but the one we know and love today is credited to American sailor Hansen Gregory. Personally, the hole in the middle allows me to hold more than one donut at a time, really upping my potential for pure food ecstasy.

As times have changed, donuts have taken on other applications, including serving as buns to make sandwiches, such as this tasty treat below. I was in Sydney, Australia and decided that I wanted to check out the best IG worthy spots in town. I devoured this absolutely insane creation in no time, and thanks to the countless miles I walked, I didn’t have to worry about all the calories.

Krispy Kreme reminds me of the good times.

When I was growing up, going to Krispy Kreme upon seeing the “Hot & Fresh” sign was always a treat. My family and I would hit up a few Krispy Kremes and get our donut on. We’d often indulge in those moist, sweet glazed original donuts they’re famous for. That “Hot & Fresh” sign is dangerous because it invites you to buy more donuts than you really need.

With the growing trend of IG-worthy food, only offering the most familiar donuts just won’t cut it. Pastry shops and donut businesses have really stepped up their game in terms of variety and offerings. There was an entire episode of 2 Broke Girls about the main characters trying to do market research on the “cronut” which was a croissant and donut combination. Hilarity ensued, but it was the commentary on fad/trendy items that really speaks to us all.

One of my favorite spots for over-the-top donuts is VooDoo Doughnuts.

I got the chance to experience their magical creations one weekend in Austin, Texas. Let’s just say you don’t want to travel through an airport with them if you want them to survive the trip. A few of their creations break away from the mold of traditional donuts, such as their Voodoo Doll and Maple Blazer Blunt. These cheekily titled donuts are just as good as they look.

Whether you’re a plain jane glazed kind of person, or you’re adventurous and like a nice filling and crazy toppings, there is a donut out there for you. Indulge with caution but #treatyoself today!

Feature image by Anna Sullivan via Unsplash.


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