5 Sandwiches Worth Drooling Over To Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day

Let’s be honest, food holidays are the best holidays. If you can justify eating junk for dinner because everyone else is doing it, you’re totally going to! You’re celebrating so it doesn’t count as a cheat day. And what better way to cheat on your diet than with an ooey-gooey grilled cheese? With a grilled cheese that has amazing things melted into it. Test out these 5 ideas in your very own kitchen:

  1. The Classic 3 Cheese Blend
    You’ve got your American, you’ve got your sharp cheddar, you’ve got your Monterey jack. This combination never gets old and has enough flavors to keep your mouth guessing as to where that next bite will take you.

    Photograph: Robyn Lee
    Photograph: Robyn Lee
  2. The Avocado and Tomato Grilled Cheese
    For the veggie lovers, you can get your fix in here with these additions to your sandwich. Both soft, they add more taste to the cheese-y goodness without ruining the texture.

    Photo: Randy Mayor
  3. The Goat Cheese and Fig Spread Grilled Cheese
    This is a fancy pants sandwich that makes us all put our pinkies out as we sip our sparkling water. No goats were harmed in the making of your savory meal.
  4. The Macaroni Grilled Cheese
    No description necessary. It doesn’t get much better than this.
  5. The Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese
    Little bites of chicken and hot sauce mixed with cheese is the perfect way to add protein to your sandwich and make it more of meal.
    Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich 500 4983

Anything goes well with cheese and bread so you can do no wrong when adding toppings to your sandwich. Grilled cheese is one of the easier meals to make as well so you’ll have no problems celebrating tonight. Eat well!

Featured Image Via Delish


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