6 Affordable Wedding Gifts Your Favorite Newlyweds Will Love

Wedding season is upon us, friends, and the pressures of what to wear and who to bring as a plus-one flood our minds when we get the invites. Then it dawns on us: Now, we have to buy bridal shower and wedding gifts. Attending a wedding can get expensive quickly.

Here are some gift ideas, depending on the event you’re attending:

Bridal Shower Gifts

Customized Champagne Glasses

Etsy, several other online stores, and even mall outlets can help make adorable customized glasses for the couple’s big day. Whether they have “Mr. and Mrs.,” “Husband and Wife,”or the couple’s joint last name on them, it’s a sentiment gift the special couple will be sure to use in a lot of pictures and of course, keep forever.

Swarovski Pen

A fancy, regal, diamond-studded pen would make for a great gift for the couple to use to sign their wedding license and certificate on the big day. It’ll shine in the pictures and will also make for a great keepsake. The best news is that these sparkly pens aren’t that expensive, either, but they will seem like it! You can get them on sale for $34 or less, depending on how fancy you want the pen to be.


The best part about cookbooks is that the married couple will definitely use them! If you are close to the groom (especially if you are his sister or a close relative), you could even compile a DIY cookbook of all of his favourite recipes to give his bride-to-be, so she can make his fave meals, too. The easier the recipes are, the more the couple will use the cookbook!

Wedding Gifts

A Formal Photo Album

The couple will surely want to print off some photos and create an album with a collection of their favourite snaps from their big day. If you give them a fancy-looking album, you’ll provide them with the gift that’ll hold a million memories and more. Plus, the photo album won’t be that pricey, so it’s a win for your wallet, too.

A Fancy Throw Blanket

Nothing says “comfort” like snuggling up in your loved one’s arms and wrapping yourself in a beautiful blanket. The best throw blanket to gift a couple is something modern that would go with the colour scheme of their house. usually makes for the best gift. And, if it’s something they can’t use in their living room, it’ll go in a guest room or bedroom and get plenty of use there, too.

A Date Box Subscription For Their First Year of Marriage

This one can be a little costly, but if you go in on it with another couple or with friends, it’ll be more affordable. The idea of giving your married friends a date box is meaningful and adorable, especially if you are close to the couple. Date nights are so important, especially in the first year of wedded bliss because the romance shouldn’t end after the honeymoon.

Buying bridal shower or wedding gifts doesn’t need to be as expensive as you think it does. It doesn’t have to be all about imported linens and expensive home appliances, either; save those bigger gifts for the bride and groom’s closest family and friends who will want to splurge a little more than usual. These gifts are sure to please your favorite newlywed couple… without making a dent in your pocketbook.

Photo by Benjaminrobyn Jespersen on Unsplash


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