National Hugging Day: 14 People Share Why Hugs Mean So Much To Them

Hugs can play an important role in our lives. Everyone has a different opinion on their benefits and how they make someone feel. Today is National Hugging Day, so to celebrate, here are the responses I received when I asked friends what they thought about hugs.

  • “Hugs make me feel loved, which makes me very happy. When I’m struggling or feeling sad, hugs actually help me regulate my emotions. They make me feel safe and calm. When unexpected or provided by someone I don’t feel comfortable with, though, they can actually cause me to have a panic attack.” -Megan
  • “They make you feel loved and they can make you feel good inside if you are having a bad day.” -Lexi
  • “I love hugs because they indicate that the other person is as happy to see you as you are to see them! – Julie
  • “Hugs are a great thing because they make you feel loved and that someone cares about you. Hugs are a great gesture to make someone feel included and happy.” -Rochelle
  • “To me, bear hugs are the best!!! Depending on the person, bear hugs make me instantly feel better. Hugs are very beneficial to those who like hugs but not to those who have sensory issues or prefer to not be touched.” -Emily
  • “My daughter is non-vocal, so I don’t know if I’ll ever hear the words “I love you mommy!”  Every time she wraps her little arms around my neck and squeezes me tight, I know words are not needed to feel her love.” -Jen
  • “I feel that a hug is a great expression of love and care. That may be family or friends. Giving my wife, kids, dad and so on a big long squeezing hug is one of the best expressions of love you can give. Or it may be a friendly hug with someone who you consider to be so much of a friend that they are family. Or it may just be a quick arm squeeze around the shoulder or tap on the back. It’s just a very nice or intimate way of showing how much you care.” -AJ
  • “ I love hugs because I love people. It gives me peace, and I love to see smiles when I get the opportunity to embrace someone to make them feel special too!” -Patty
  • “I like to give hugs to everyone! If I know the person is a “hugger”, or someone who likes hugs, it makes me feel good to do something I know makes them happy. I like to get hugs, especially from the people I love because it is a way to communicate love.” -Katy
  • “I love hugs. They make you feel like you’re able to provide love and support and comfort when you can’t find the right words. They give people a closeness and feeling of safety.” -Kristen
  • “They’re a display of warmth and kindness, and should be shared every chance!” -Sue
  • “For my son Giles, who has autism, the absolute worst part of the pandemic is the distancing, or as he calls it, “No Hugging!”. Because we live in the same house and are allowed to touch, when he gives me a hug now they’re almost-knock-me-over experiences!” -Julia
  • “Love to get hugs & give them!!! [It] warms my heart to give one to celebrate the person, show support, love or  just brighten someone’s day!” -Karen
  • “They give a sense of connection and warms to show you others care and that you are not alone. A hug is a simple, casual way to show affection that but can also mean so much, especially depending on who the hug comes from.” -Talena

Hugs play an important role in our lives whether we are “huggers” or not. What does a hug mean to you? Comment below!

Featured image via Hamid Tajik on Unsplash


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