5 Reasons Most College Women Don’t Want Serious Relationships

College is the time when most of the students move out of their  hometowns. In college, students learn how to live without others, coexist with friends without ruining friendships, and how to organize their lives. In short, college prepares us for the rest of our lives… but if there’s one thing it doesn’t teach us, it’s how to have serious relationships.

Why do most college girls choose not to pursue serious relationships? Here are five reasons why many women get serious about their relationships after they turn the tassel.

1. They want to enjoy their college life to its fullest.

Most college girls are interested in the latest fashion and makeup trends and hanging out with their friends. Many also love going out, partying all night long,  and having lots of fun. After all, they simply want to live college life to the fullest.

Being in a serious relationship might tame their free spirits. Many college women are afraid that if they find someone special, he will “cut their wings” or insist that they spend all their free time with their partner, so they won’t have time to do all the things they love. For some college women, being in a serious relationship kills all the fun that going away to school brings.

2. They want to discover themselves.

Since they are finally away from home and their parents’ control, college girls want to discover themselves. They want to find out what their interests are, what they hope to do for a career, and what they can get away with that they couldn’t before. College is the time when we find our true selves. But being in a serious relationship means discovering someone else, which can prevent us from realizing who we truly are. Many college women know that they might change after finding their true love, but they would rather experiment and be themselves.

3. They fear infidelity.

College girls know that college guys can be unfaithful. They want someone who doesn’t just care about physical attraction, but who also has real feelings for them.

College girls are aware of the ways that guys their age think. Girls know that being faithful is really hard for guys who party all night long and bar-hop. Therefore, some women avoid relationships altogether in order to avoid heartache.

4. They shouldn’t take relationships seriously yet.

Let’s be honest, college is a crazy point in our lives. College memories are great, but sometimes they’re a little wild, too. College students enjoy living in the moment and adding new experiences to their book of life. They’re not serious people with fully formed views yet. Most college girls just want to have fun, and being in a serious relationship is not their definition of a good time.

5. They don’t need distractions.

College girls might live moment to moment, but they still want to succeed in school. They know that their studies are the real deal, and their future depends on their college success.

Serious relationships can distract women from their studies. Finding time for your significant other may take away time for studying or completing assignments. That’s why many girls choose to date casually or not date at all while they complete their degrees.

Between demanding schedules, complicated assignments, and financial stress, college can already feel overwhelming enough. Why add relationship drama to the mix? Many girls avoid relationships in college so that they can fully experience their university years without distraction and heartache.

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Featured Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash.



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