4 Things To Remember When You’re Making Hard Decisions

We are all on the journey towards adulthood, and we all know how difficult that path can be. Struggling to afford a place to live on our own, dealing with a variety of emotional relationship issues, climbing the corporate ladder, and being a good daughter, sister, and friend: all these things we deal with allow us to showcase our inner growth and strength as human beings. In the end, there will invariably be a hard decision we have to make in all aspects of our lives.

Do we leave a relationship that isn’t satisfying us? Do we move to a new city for a job opportunity? Do we say goodbye to a lifelong friendship because it’s a toxic relationship? It is in these moments that we face our true selves. We handle the hard decisions which allow us to become a little more of an adult than we thought we were. No one is saying these decisions are easy. That’s the point! They have to be hard. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t be able to grow as people. Here are some helpful rules when we are faced with some difficult decisions.

Get Clear On What You Really Want

Being an adult means that you finally know yourself. You know who you are and what you stand for. Waiting around for people to make your life easier is not always going to work out in your favor. In fact, relying on others is a recipe for disaster. Instead, get creative. But also stay practical. If you find yourself truly stuck between different possibilities, think about what you truly want. Ask yourself what it is that appeals to you about each decision. Is it a new job that has you struggling? Think about your current position and what the benefits are. Now, think about the new position. What does it feel to be in that new space? Do you feel lighter? Happier? If so, then the decision should be clear!

Don’t Choose Something Because You Think You Have To

This goes back to creativity. When it comes to making hard decisions, the options are never black and white. There are always shades of grey. Once you’ve undoubtedly figured out your desires, you will have to stay on that path! Don’t let the voices of others (or those in your head) get to you. It’s those deceptive voices that breed indecisiveness. If you want a better paying job in a different city, you can’t let the struggle of finding a place to live hinder an incredible opportunity. Avoid placing unnecessary pressure on yourself to find a place right away. Reach out to any possible contacts that you may have in that city. Trust me, you’ll be surprised at how people show up for you!

Doing Something Is Always Better Than Not Doing Anything At All

Being fearful of a decision should never halt your growth. Moving forward is the only way we can ever genuinely grow as human beings. While you may have a steady job, it doesn’t hurt to pursue something that offers you more money and more room to grow. Clearly, it’s safer to stay at a job that pays the bills and is fulfilling. But what about being able to work for larger companies, be more creative, get more money, and live in a brand new city? If any of that sounds interesting, then it’s time to get out of your comfort zone. Take that bold leap of faith and go for your dreams. You never know what might come your way. Again, this isn’t to necessarily say that your dreams will come true overnight. On the contrary, life has a funny way of giving us life lessons at the perfect time.

Just Practice Being More Decisive

It’s hard. I am notorious for being indecisive. But that doesn’t mean that I avoid decisions., I practice being decisive when I have the opportunity. Building this decision muscle is hard, but it definitely pays off in the end.

As humans, we make mistakes. This means we make wrong decisions just as much as we make the right ones. But I have found that placing my trust in the universe is the only way to keep me sane. When a decision seems to be a mistake, I focus on the lesson. What can I learn from this seeming mistake that can then allow me to grow and prosper? Shifting your perspective in this way is mind-blowing. Give it a try and see what magic occurs as a result.

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