In Case You Needed A Reminder: You’re Doing Amazing, Sweetie

When you’re in your 20s, there is so much pressure put on you. So, so much self-inflicted pressure to “check off” certain milestones by certain ages. The panic may set in that time is running out to achieve these. We may feel lost, and we definitely feel like our lives have spiraled out of control… But we need a reminder that we’re all in this together and that there’s no correct life timeline.

Not to quote Kris Jenner, but, if you need a reminder, and no matter where you are in life right now…

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Look, no one has their life figured out in their twenties.

Not even that girl from your graduating class who now has a beautiful baby, nor that guy you met at a house party in high school that now owns his own home. We all seem to have our lives together on social media and in brief conversations, but in reality, we’re all faking our attempts at adulthood. It’s time we remind ourselves that we, in fact, are doing amazing!

Everyone moves out and transitions at a different pace.Sure, it sucks that you might still be living at home or are still in school while others have moved out and have great jobs. But everyone is doing what’s best for them or whatever they can to stay afloat.

Don’t move out unless you absolutely have to or can comfortably afford it. Everyone will tell you that you’re smarter to save your money at home if you can. There’s no shame in actually saving a thousand dollars a month rather than using it to pay rent if you don’t need to. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re working at McDonald’s, on a cruise ship, at Wall Street, or are a lifestyle blogger. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about how you earn your money. They should be more grateful that you aren’t sitting on your bum all day and mooching off your parents. And to be honest, some restaurant jobs have better opportunities for growth, pay raises, and benefits than some big businesses.

There’s no shame in how you get your money — embrace it and be proud of your hard work.

Additionally, it’s okay to need time to figure everything out, we all have breakdowns and breakthroughs at different times. If you already know what your passion is, then half the battle is over. The other half is learning how to do it for a living. We’ll never know when our final destination will ever be, so try to find things you enjoy in your career or in life until you get there. 

Oh, and relationships; having an SO doesn’t matter as much as people will make you think it does. If you’ve found the love of your life then that’s great, and if you’re still struggling to find them — don’t worry. Leonardo DiCaprio is in his forties and still hasn’t married. There’s no rush for you either!

Live your life like Leo: date around, experiment with different people, determine what you like and don’t, and date who you want and when you want. There’s no rush!

I know it’s hard, but it’s so unfair to compare yourself to others no matter how hard it is. We’ll all be a little salty that a teenager like Billie Eilish will have more money and success in her 17th year of life than we will in our entire life… but we can’t harp on that. We should be celebrating someone’s success and working at creating and celebrating our own. Besides, you never want to peak early and lose it all even earlier. 

And here’s another reminder – we’re all liars. Those you’re jealous of online aren’t as happy as you think. No one is going to post pictures of a run-down apartment or living with their parents. We all try and post those vacation pictures to show our lives are glamorous but not the long, extra shifts you worked to afford to go. We all are trying to portray that image as much as the next.

So, listen to Kris Jenner’s reminder and other millennials who quote her on the regular when you’re feeling down about yourself. You’re doing amazing, sweetie. Be proud of that!

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