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PSA To All Women: Playing Dumb Is Not Sexy

Dear Fellow Females,

I feel an urgency to discuss an important matter. Some of us have been lying about our minds. Now, I know for a fact that we are all intelligent, capable human beings. So when I see some ladies acting like the cliché ‘dumb blonde,’ I know it is a false account of the truth. Not for one second do I believe that you truly do not know that Barak Obama is the President of the United States or that Chicken of the Sea is actually seafood. And I know I’m not the only one on to your game.

As women, we want to be loved and adored. We want somebody to pay attention to us. We want somebody to flirt with us and look at us like we are special. I know, because I love all that too! Somewhere along the line, some idiot told us that guys like dumb girls. “Play dumb, and the Knight in Shining Armor can rescue you!” or “Be cute, be sexy, but don’t be smart!” This advice is some of the most misguided, harmful bullshit that a woman can follow.

Here’s the hard truth: We are not always cute and sexy. And I don’t mean in 40 years when wrinkles invade and body parts sag. I mean today. When you get the stomach flu and stay attached to the toilet for 24 hours. Or when you are on your period and your body goes full on cray. You’re not cute then and you’re sure as hell not sexy. If a guy is with you only because you’re hot, he is not going to stick around to pull back your hair on your seventh time puking.

Even worse, someday you might want to do something awesome. You might want to start a business or go back to school. Unfortunately for you, your reputation will precede you. And that guy who knows you as the dumb, hot chick will not likely support your endeavors. Don’t waste years ruining your reputation when you could be building your future.

Let’s cut the crap. I know you’re brilliant. I know you have talents and skills. I know your beauty goes way deeper than your face and your body, and a man should know that as well! Everybody is good at something, so lean into your talents and interests. If a guy is not interested in you because you have thoughts, ideas, and opinions, don’t be afraid not to be interested in him. There are plenty of guys who will adore your wit and passions. However, do not let your smarts shine only for a guy; let them shine because you deserve a life that is more than just being sexy. You deserve a life where you create and contribute.

Be brave enough to raise your hand in class and admit that you just may be intelligent enough to know the answer. Speak up in your work meeting and suggest a new idea. Talk about your passions with your date – even if they may be books or numbers. Contribute to discussions on politics and religion. There is nothing more beautiful or sexy than a woman with an idea. Remember that.

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