Blaze Up: 6 Celebrities Who Support Medical Marijuana Use

It’s definitely not breaking news that celebrities love smoking marijuana. But while some blaze for recreation, others hit the joint for medicinal purposes. Here are some celebrities who openly support medical marijuana use and even use it to treat their own medical conditions.

Mike Tyson

The boxing legend is one of the most vocal marijuana-supporting celebrities. In fact, Mike Tyson made headlines last year for his 40-acre cannabis ranch in California.

The ranch, located about 110 miles north of Los Angeles, will allot some 20 acres of land for weed cultivation. Tyson claims that master growers will develop new cannabis strains on his land.

That’s not all, though: Tyson will also offer an upscale campground, an amphitheater, and an edibles factory on the Tyson Ranch.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop’s name has long been synonymous with cannabis for years. If you search online, you might have a hard time not finding him on lists of celebrities supporting medical marijuana usage. Through the years, his interest  in weed has never faded. Currently, Snoop Dogg has raised and invested $45 million in cannabis-related pastimes and programs.

He also co-founded Casa Verde Capital, which specializes in the marijuana industry’s ancillary side. Snoop Dogg’s firm also invested in Canalysis, a cannabis lab that focuses on testing a variety of marijuana products for cultivators, dispensaries, and manufacturers.

Michael J. Fox

The actor has used medical marijuana to battle the effects of Parkinson’s disease since his diagnosis in the 90’s. Fox claims that cannabis has helped him keep performing for his fans.

How does CBD impact Parkinson’s disease? It helps raise dopamine levels, which leads to less involuntary shaking, greater mobility, and fewer seizures. It also lessens pain around tender or sore joints.

Morgan Freeman

The actor is known for supporting marijuana legalization and its pain relief benefits.  Freeman also revealed that he consumes the drug in several forms ways, likesmoking, snorting, eating, and drinking.

Freeman, who’s using his celeb status to push for marijuana legalization, vocally advocates for medical marijuana provisions, especially for chronic pain patients. In one interview, he shared that he battles fibromyalgia, and marijuana is the only treatment that’s provided him relief.

Whoopi Goldberg

She’s been open about Sippy and her relationship with her vape pen. Goldberg says that marijuana helps her manage her symptoms of glaucoma pain without relying on pain medications.

Goldberg also wrote “My vape pen and I, a love story,” a column for The Cannabist. The article details how much her vape pen has been instrumental in helping her manage daily pain. In the column, she also revealed that vaping helped her find the right amount of MMJ and the best ingestion method in order to reduce glaucoma symptoms without getting high.

She also wrote that Sippy has been one of the most important figures in her daily life. Right now, she continues to advocate for its legalization.

[Why the name Sippy?  It’s because she takes little sips… even from Sippy.]

Lady Gaga

The talented singer and songwriter has admitted that she turns to cannabis to help her manage stress. She adds that smoking weed also helps her write music.

She’s also used cannabis for medical purpose, though. In 2013, she continued dancing and touring despite a leg injury and a hip surgery.  She smoked up to 15 joints daily to cope with the pain.

Each of these celebrities openly shares their support for marijuana legalization. Maybe, with their continued support, more people will find that cannabis is the best way to treat their health conditions.

Do you think we missed any celebs who support using medical cannabis strains? Tell us in the comments!

Featured Photo via Wikimedia Commons


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