Women Share Brutally Honest Truth About Small Penises

We all know the saying — small penises don’t feel as good. What’s more, most women won’t sleep with a man who, for the lack of a better word, isn’t ‘packing.’ However, regardless of what the popular opinion says, the truth about sex with someone who doesn’t have a big penis is so much different than we may think. 

Personally, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with smaller penises. Some have been good, some have been bad. But the thing is that it happens with every person regardless of their penis size. But for some women and men, it really does matter what’s going on under the clothes. And this brings up a big debate…

Are men with smaller penises worse in bed? To get an answer, I spoke to 15 women and asked them their opinions on the matter. 

Men on the smaller side of the spectrum typically are better at foreplay. 

“I was with a man who was small, but he could eat me out better than anyone else. He also knew all the best and creative foreplay techniques. Sex with him was so much fun!” ~ Natasha, 24

“I actually prefer the act of foreplay over banging because so much more of your body is simulated. And I learned that by sleeping with men who had smaller dicks. I’m not kidding, they all knew how to please a woman. Whether it was incorporating sex toys or using their mouths, they all knew exactly what they were doing. The sex was fantastic.” ~ Julia, 27

“I was with a man who didn’t acknowledge that he was small, but we both kind of knew it. He was the best at dirty talk, ate my pussy like it was a buffet, focused on my needs first, and was very kinky and down to try anything. It was the best sex of my life!” ~ Britney, 25

Sadly, not all men with small penises are the most confident in having sex.

“I used to hook up with someone fairly frequently and his dick was maybe the size of my index finger. All he ever wanted was blow jobs and never wanted to have sex. I think it’s because he was scared of failing to please me.” ~ Nadia, 20

“You can tell when a guy has a smaller dick, and he’s not confident. Most men make up for lacking in size with enthusiasm and willingness to please. Others shy away from sex altogether. And that’s when it gets disappointing.” ~ Margaret, 30

“If he doesn’t eat pussy and has a small dick, the sex will go downhill. Women want to be pleased too.” ~ Anabelle, 28

Men with small penises also have more of a romantic side than other men. 

“Even though he was small, he still gave me some of the best sex I’ve ever had. He genuinely loved me and cared about how I felt. He always called me beautiful and made our sexual experiences more intimate than anyone else did.” ~ Maria, 27

“I don’t know if it was the embarrassment about his size that detoured him from caring as much about sex, but we had a very strong romantic connection first that almost made his size not matter.” ~ Jessica, 25

And no, ladies, you aren’t alone if you don’t always feel it… Because we’ve all been there.

“When I placed my hand down this guy’s pants, I learned that my hand was bigger than his fully erect dick. Needless to say, I was mortified. It felt so pitiful giving a hand job with just two fingers.” ~ Shawna, 24

“I was riding him and I actually asked him, ‘Are you in’?” ~ Brittainy, 27

“If I don’t feel him, I don’t count him as one of my kills.” ~ Hailee, 26

However, there are some silver linings about having sex with a man who has a smaller penis. 

“It’s easier to have anal sex because it doesn’t really hurt.” ~ Katie, 25

“Blow jobs are so much easier, and they’ll always think you’re a goddess when you barely have to do the work.” ~ Alycia, 29

“Sometimes the way the curve can hit your G-spot in reverse cowgirl feels just so right. The best orgasms I’ve ever had — even ones where I squirted — were with smaller than average men.” ~ Tammy, 30

“You’ll never have deep penetration that kills you for three days!” ~ Kira, 23

In my experience, I found that some men with smaller penises are either really passionate about having stimulating sex, or they completely shy away from it. Nevertheless, every woman I spoke with brought up valid points. At the end of the day, it depends on your connection with the person, how they are sexually, and if they can satisfy your needs. 

And if you’re looking for new positions to give you more pleasure, lay down on your stomach with your legs straight behind you, or closed if you’re on top. Let him do the work, and it’ll be a lot better for you!
All in all, size doesn’t matter — It’s the man that does.

Featured image via We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash


  1. I think always, how will I satisfied my wife with this penis size. Hashmi Dawakhana Amroha is not help me to change my penis size, they help me to solve out my negative thinking , in which I was living with many years.

    • You should be ashamed for having no respect for women. You are misogynist. Let them talk, you are just offended bc you have a small penis -_-

      • Anon you are abusively forcing other people into your humiliation kink. You are not much better than most sexual harassers or misogynists. Hatred of small dicks is a misogynistic instinct by the way.
        The women in here are players, I wouldn’t call them whores, or I would but only if I also called abusive fuckboys whores, and that’s what I meant by “whore”.
        Yes, these alleged women are abusive fuckboys who are only good for one night stands at the most, I can see where bobby was coming from.

  2. I was so surprised with my small Penis, because I satisfy some ladies and they thanks me through how we have form together with my performance on bed and I was so surprised the other side, I meet a lady we have form together but during the time having sex she was crying later she called me why did I have small Penis and I know how to handle a ladies like me…. But am not happy when they’re praising me because I was ashamed with my small Penis even tired the enlargement drugs still yet nothing came out

  3. I really want to share my story.
    Almost all of my men have had small penis (yes, I’m lucky) and I genuinely love them and don’t see this as a problem.
    Firstly, they are really sensual and very attentive to my pleasure, my biggest orgasms have been with men with small penises. Secondly, I love sex toys and experiments, and a small penis is a great opportunity to experiment and discover new facets of myself. I wish all men with a small size to stop completing and start enjoying sex.

    • What do you consider a small penis? I asked one girl, years ago, what she thought was the average size of an erect penis: “eight inches” she said…I felt so dejected about that for a long until i found out she was a virgin who worked at a horse farm.

  4. The length of their penis is something many men are concerned about. With a small penis, you can experience arousal like any other man. Men with a small penis get an erection and a normal orgasm. Usually they can also masturbate, although sometimes it is more difficult. Is your penis a little too small? You could use some sex toys to spice things up. You can use cockrings for an extra hard erection or a penissleeve for a thicker cock with ribbing. Experimenting with ribbed condoms can also be fun!

  5. It’s astonishing how men are being reduced to the size of a body part. If similarly someone writes about boobs or vaginal lips size, the person would get crucified. It’s 2023 and with all the gender equality accomplishments, men are still being judged by their penis size? It’s insane.

    • It’s just the truth man idk what to tell ya. A small dick isn’t pleasing to some women. You can barely feel it’s there probably

    • Yes double standards are great when it favours them…Look how slutty women became when they couldn’t be shamed about it anymore; degeneracy should be called out whenever it rears its ugly head so we can keep safeguards in place…Years ago only “dirty girls” would ever think a out taking a penis in their mouth…Now you have 12 and 13 year old girls having lipstick parties…DEGENERACY people!!

  6. I have a very small penis and I can attest to women asking if it was in. A woman can move on to the next man, after that. I’m still got the same problem. Lol I don’t think a woman ever really felt me inside them. I would slip out a lot too.
    The most frustrating thing was my head would be the only part really in, making it super sensitive and make me climax within a minute, which most women were probably thankful of.
    Sex with women was just too awkward to me and uneventful for them. It was a nightmare that grew on me. I love women, but gave up on the idea of relationships with them.
    I finally resorted to sex with men. It was difficult to even to get into it. Over the years, I grew to like it and then love it. I enjoy sexually satisfying men now and I’m damn good at it. The urge for women faded and never have to worry about encountering that nightmare again. The brutal truth of having a small penis.

  7. It’s just the truth man idk what to tell ya. A small dick isn’t pleasing to some women. You can barely feel it’s there probably

  8. I have a very small penis (almost 3″ fully erect.) Women always complain that they can’t feel me inside them. Also, my penis tends to slip out…a lot. It seems to bother most of them to give a two fingers hand job. Below average is one thing, but being tiny, in just but built fur sex.

  9. Yet another article about penis size where actual size isn’t mentioned a single time. Then you move into the comments where the girls are in full agreement over not liking small dicks and the dudes are asking “then why do you say size doesn’t matter?” while in the same breath calling all women whores. My guess is they say that in order to keep from being physically or sexually assaulted by the type of f-boys who use blanket statements like “All women are whores.” That wouid include your mothers, right? Must be why it’s posted anonymously. But seriously, I know there’s no one size fits all, but how big is too small? Also can we not use small, micro, & average size interchangeably because that’s some confusing shit & it happens frequently. Lastly if you’ve had fewer than 5 sexual partners do everyone a favor by not commenting at all unless of course you have actual questions and are able to handle the actual answers!

  10. I would exchange my whole life for one month with a good size penis.
    I am 45 and i knew since i was 9 that i will never have sex and i will live alone and die alone.
    I never had even a kiss and a hug and the most intense thing in my life was when a nice girl hold my arm once.
    At my 28 , i had the most unexpected experience of my life . An old lady from the internet felt so bad about me that she agreed to visit me and give me this experience.
    That was a really dark part as there was nothing erotical, she was quite pretty for her age but also i found out the hard way that i cannot use any condom because of my size.
    As i knew that there will never be any other chance we tried sex condomless only to find out that this small length is practically incompatible with penetration. The first 3 to 5 cms of the vagina is the external part of woman organs so a 7 to 10 cm penis cannot go in .
    Doctors didnt want to hear anything about this kind of problem and i dont blame them as there is nothing that they can do .
    I lost the ability of erection at 28 as there was so much emotional suffer . I also was always feel exposed infront of a lot of people when its the office at work or when i have to make a presentation . I have numerous health issues and i guess that sooner or later i will die and people will find out from the smell after many weeks but i am ok with this .
    It was never my fault…..

    • Cheer up Man!! Masturbating is better anyway; you don’t have to worry about genital warts or getting cuckholded and you’re imagination don’t have to deal with their respective flaws.

    • oh boy i hope this is a troll post.. maybe find a girl who is smaller.. or maybe you can just learn to use sex toys.. relationships are not just about sex.. they’re about connection.. you can work on this with just even having friendships..

  11. This has given me more confidence about my size. I am 4 inches. My whole life until now I was very depressed and distant from people because of my dick size.


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