Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Skin Care

Cannabis is booming. While to date, only nine states have legalized recreational marijuana use, 29 states have legalized it for medical purposes.

Many people think of medical marijuana as a treatment for chronic pain, PTSD and other internal ailments. But did you know that cannabis has amazing benefits for your skin as well? No? Well I’m about to change your life with how you can use cannabis to elevate your skin care routine and give you a natural, healthy glow.

Skin Care Products and Uses

For those interested in cannabis skin care, it’s wise to start with CBD oil-based products to reap the benefits, minus the high. Cannabis oil is the concentrated liquid extract of marijuana, and it belongs to the cannabidiol (CBD) class of cannabis plant compounds. CBD products are legal to sell and consume across the country as long as they don’t contain THC.

Look for CBD oils, lotions and lip balms designed to smooth skin, treat minor skin ailments and lend a healthy glow to all skin tones. Remember, lightweight, airy products are more ideal for acne sufferers.

Cannabis skin care is also a true boon for those who suffer from inflammatory diseases such as acne or psoriasis. CBD oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory and may help alleviate these conditions.

Those who suffer pain and inflammation would do well to try some sort of CBD pain and wellness lotion. These types of light-based, non-greasy moisturizers work to soften and smooth skin while also offering relief from muscle soreness and even muscle spasms.

These topical ointments and lotions can go deeper to help with joint pain such as that experienced by sufferers of various forms of arthritis. CPD oils and creams have proven widely beneficial for many patients suffering from arthritis, as the CPD works to eliminate the inflammation associated with the disease.

You don’t have to look high and low for these products. CBD based products are available everywhere!

The Legalities of Cannabis Care

The legalities of cannabis use are ever-changing, especially in the era of online shopping. If you live in a state that has legalized cannabis for recreational use, you can find a wide variety of products at your local dispensary.

Don’t despair if you live in one of the 21 states that have still failed to legalize cannabis. While you will not be permitted by law to purchase or use products containing THC, the active ingredient in cannabis that causes a high, you will still be able to avail yourself of CBD oil-based products.

CBD is rich in health benefits and has been used to treat anything from migraine headaches to muscle spasms, including those resulting from neurological disease. It will not get you high.

It is likely we will only continue to see cannabis normalized throughout the US and the world, so if you’re interested, it’s worth doing your research and keeping up with the trends! Whether you want to look better, feel better, or both, why not give cannabis-based products a try? The results just may surprise and delight you!

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