To The Ones Who Have Been Waiting To Find Love, This Will Be Your Year

If you’ve been profoundly wishing, manifesting, and praying to find your true love, here is a sign that this is your year. And I believe in you! That dreamy experience will come your way. I can feel it. So keep manifesting it as hard as you can!

After a year filled with deprivation and missing your true self, it’s about time your itch for love is scratched. All of the focus you have put into your love life will be worth it. While it may not happen this winter — thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions — love will come your way this year; you have to believe it. 

Before that happens, though, you still have to work on yourself and make sure that you’re truly ready. You could have been single for years, have had to walk away from excellent yet painful connections; it doesn’t matter. We all have to start somewhere to improve. And that’s what love is about.

Regardless of your romantic past, you have a strong desire to find love and be loved. That’s a beautiful thing in itself!

However, that same desire is typically accompanied by reality’s harsh slap in the face. You could be struggling with codependency, not wanting to let things go. You could be afraid of never finding someone who can love you the way you want to be loved. Or you could be scared that someone will break your heart again. 

Maybe you’re too content with your independent life, and changing it would put you out of your comfort zone. This is something I’ve been struggling with also. Just the thought of finding someone to share my life with terrifies me. I’m worried I’ll lose my habits and my routine. But I finally realize that my life could be better.

Regardless of what your self-sabotaging tendencies are, you still have time to fix it. You always will. And if you’ve been trying to work on it, it will pay off. Just don’t expect change if you’re not willing to work to accomplish it.

Speak your affirmations out loud. Yell them to the world and put those dreams out there — you are ready for love, and you will accept it. Whether you believe it or not, the energy you put out into the world is what you receive. Use the powerful tools that are your resonating voice and beating heart and shift those thoughts to something positive. 

If you feel like you’re facing blockages, let them go. The tendency to hold onto hope for something from your past to come back, for example, is common. But it’s necessary to end that cycle to find something better, someone better. There will always be someone better. 

Finally, curb your need to control situations and outcomes that are beyond your control. Allow things to unfold naturally and believe that they are happening for a reason. Surrender that urge to control and let it all go, regardless of how difficult it is. Instead, place your focus on little things, such as what outfit to wear to work or what to make for dinner. 

You deserve the kind of love that you are willing to give to someone else. Stop doubting your abilities — you are capable of love. Not everyone deserves your love, though. So be mindful of who you give it to.  Nourish yourself. Treat yourself. And love yourself before anybody else. 

Such healthy self-love will give you new confidence. You’ll also find growth in forgiveness — something you’ve been struggling with. You don’t have to forgive anyone who’s hurt you before, but forgive yourself. From there, you’ll find your inner strength and will feel more empowered than ever. 

You’ve been tested for years, and it’s time to apply those skills and graduate from the self-love program you’ve unknowingly been taking. 

You’re a warrior, and you’re killing it. While you might be frustrated, patience combined with self-love will help drive you to the place you wish to be romantically. Embrace your emotions and let in whatever comes into your life with grace, resilience, and honesty. 

Your future relationship will depend on the decisions you and your prospective partner will make. So, take this alone time to process the changes you need to make to ensure you’re following your heart. If you do that, your next romance will be more passionate than the previous ones. 

Say it loud, and say it proud: I am ready for the love of my life to enter my life. I am prepared to love them wholeheartedly. And I am willing to love myself even more. I will find the love I desire and deserve.

Featured image via Wesley Carvalho on Pexels


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