10 Tinder Bios That Will Make You Glad You’re Not Single

Tinder has been around for years, however recently it received more popularity than ever. With society living at high speed and everybody being buried in their work, it can be tough to find time for dating.

Naturally, the internet has come to aid!

Today, Tinder has over 50 million users that log in at least 11 times a day. I’ll let you do the math, but that shows how popular the platform has become. So, it’s no surprise that when being swamped with options for your next Prince Charming or Cinderella, we all want to make sure we’ve covered our grounds. Many people come up with acrobatic poses on their photos, write catchy job titles, and produce the best bios ever in order to prevent someone swiping left on them.

If you’re like me and have gone through the Tinder life then you know that picking just a few favorite bios is simply impossible. People in need of some romance are greatly creative! And also a huge source of entertainment.

However, we’ve managed to comprise a list of our favorite Tinder bios that will make you laugh. So let’s get in it!

1. Honesty pays off

This fella seems to be convinced that radical honesty is the way to go when presenting himself as a potential love interest. While I’m not suggesting lying to your date, I think it’s best to keep a little mystery as to how long it will take you to agree to go out with someone you’re chatting with on Tinder.

2. The Metaphor King

Here, we can see a clear attempt at being poetic. I applaud the commitment and the use of simile, and I believe this bio could convince a potential suitor to swipe left! As long as they’re into cookies altogether…

3. Been there, done that

This is clearly not this person’s first rodeo, and they know the drill. So, they’re skipping the politeness and mystery and simply saying it like it is. If you’re someone who enjoys this type of openness and (let’s be honest) bitterness towards life then here’s your match made in heaven.

4. Keeping It Real

It’s always better to be upfront about your wants and this Tinder user subscribes to this policy. Oh, and recommendations are always a plus!

5. Pun King

Now, this person feels a strong affection to fast food chains and wants the same trait in the partner. Also, how could we not acknowledge the famous one-liners? Spot on!

6. Middle age crisis

We all want love even if we’re balding! This user seems like a nice guy, who just wants some company, so no judgment here.

7. Broke & Living with Parents

We’ve all been there — life comes crashing down, and you have to move back to your parents’ basement. Wait, that’s a plot of some movie, I think…

8. Lover of all things

This person has unconditional love for everything! In the correct order, of course.

9. Dating CV


This user decided to show that he’s not a perfect human, and that’s okay. Well done!

10. Someone date me, please!

Now, let’s end it on a real one because everyone who has ever used online dating knows the pain.

Tinder can be a fantastic tool for meeting new people. After all, you don’t have to reject people face to face, leave your apartment or get dressed to swipe. Personally, I met my significant other on Tinder, so I know how trying to compress your life into a few short lines can be stressful. Just try to remember that we’re all going through it, and Tinder should be fun! Now let’s all go out there and swipe!

Image credit by Pablo Merchán Montes


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