10 Signs You And Your Best Friend Are Dating

Grey’s Anatomy taught us what it’s like to have a “person.” Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang’s friendship was something so many of us could relate to with our best friends. We all have a “person,” an extension of ourselves, just in someone else’s body. You’re probably just best friends, but everyone around you thinks you might be secretly in love. If you do any combination of these 10 things with your “person,” everyone probably has some questions about the nature of your relationship (i.e. are you in love, or what?)

1. You go to the gym together. A couple that works out together, stays together…right? You can’t help it that your schedules are always in sync. Or did you plan it that way? All you know is, you seem to see every single person you know from your school when you’re both walking to the gym, with the added bonus of matching top knots and Nike frees. They are definitely all thinking, “Are they obsessed with each other?”

2. You know the other person’s likes and dislikes like you know your own. Spend enough time together and you learn things…the amount of crap about your best friend that you can stuff into your brain is honestly staggering. Why can you remember the way she takes her steak, but you can’t remember the name of your own TA? Why can’t you summarize the topic your professor has been lecturing about for three weeks, but you can give a highly accurate account of your best friend’s vacation to Jamaica 4 years ago? Which you didn’t even go on?!

3. You dress like each other. You started out with distinct styles: you liked colors and she liked neutrals. Somewhere along the line, you both became this weird blend of each other’s styles. It’s no surprise when you wear almost the exact same thing when you’re headed out for a night on the town, AKA all black everything. You accidentally buy all the same lipstick colors, and you have the same boots. If you think no one notices, you are dead wrong.

4. You can answer questions about her as if you were in her brain. You’re on campus and someone is asking you questions that need urgent answers, but your person isn’t answering her texts. Do you wait, or do you just slip into her train of thought for a sec? You know exactly what she would say and how she would say it. Sure enough, she doesn’t disagree when you tell her about it later. Nailed it!

5. You always know where to find her. If she says she’s at the library, which has six floors and several different sections, you know exactly where she’s sitting right down to the cubicle. If she’s grabbing lunch on campus, you know which coffee shop she’s at and what she ordered. Sometimes, she gets confused about what day it is and you effectively lay out her entire schedule, because today is Wednesday and you know precisely where she’s supposed to be and when.

6. You offer to do couple-y stuff for each other. Pick up things from the grocery store or throw in a load of laundry. You can’t help it! It’s just easier to do everything together because it saves time, money, and energy. But after a full day of gymming together, grocery shopping together, and eating dinner together, people (maybe like your boyfriend?) are probably going to ask “WTF?” Don’t worry, they’re just jealous of your uncanny compatibility.

7. You LOVE her family. Bonus points if you actually feel like you’re a part of it. You know everyone’s name and age before you even meet, and you all talk like you’ve known each other for ages. Her parents send you gifts and texts like you’re one of the crew, and it’s pretty dope. It’s like having honorary in-laws…wait.

8. You really never get sick of each other. You could spend an entire weekend just doing stuff with just the two of you – studying, binge-watching a Netflix show, and eating all meals together. Sunday rolls around and you’re sincerely disappointed that your hiatus has to come to an end. Again, everyone around you (AKA your boyfriend and your mom) are like, “are you alive?” This brings us to Number 9.

9. You watch all the same Netflix shows. And you never skip ahead without her. This is crucial to the best friendship code of conduct, and you wouldn’t miss your nightly Netflix stint for the world. You re-watch the classics (The OC), but you also check out the new ones, and you have almost identical opinions about all the shows you watch.

10. You share basically everything. Your friends think it’s pretty weird when they come over, because there are essentially no boundaries. From the simple things like hair ties and nail polish, to the kind of weird things like socks and deodorant.

It gets weirder, but I think that’s enough disclosure for this article. You get the point, and if you and your significant-other-slash-BFF share deodorant, people definitely think you’re happily dating. The huge plus side to this is that while everyone might think you’re kind of weird, you have found your lifelong best friend. You always have someone there who’s got your back, whether it’s to grab your dinner or to listen to you cry after a breakup. Never let this person go, and when everyone who made fun of you finds their “person,” they’ll understand how special it is, too.

Featured image via screengrab of Gossip Girl


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