4 Tricks To Unwind on National Stress Awareness Day

You’re sitting at your desk, staring at a puzzling email from a client Your mind starts racing through worst-case scenarios, and you begin to panic because you’re unable to quickly find a solution to their ridiculously unclear question.

Welcome to adulthood!

We experience a litany of stressors in our everyday lives, from our morning commute to insane clients to Chipotle running out of avocado for our guacamole. Regardless of the situation, we often find ourselves easily stressed, which is why it’s so important to reset our stress triggers.

Stress triggers can range from feeling annoyed that your UberEats delivery is taking too long to nearly missing an important deadline. While those two scenarios fall on opposite ends of the spectrum, they both still cause internal chaos in your mind and wreak unwanted havoc on your life.

The most important way to deal with stress is to first understand why specific situations stress you out. If you don’t acknowledge why the triggers are in fact triggers, you will constantly fall victim to those scenarios. Each and every time you encounter stressful situations, you’re going to spiral into stress for no good reason.

Of course, managing stress is easier said than done, but if you try a few simple tricks, you may find yourself a bit happier after all.

1. Stop, Breathe, & Revisit

On several occasions, I’ve freaked out over work projects or situations that are not in my control. For me, that’s a stress trigger because I like to  control my environment. My tip is that when one feels out of control, stop, breathe, and revisit the situation. Instead of furiously reacting in the worst way possible, choose to inhale, step away from the bad news, and revisit the situation when you have a cooler head. This allows time to set aside emotions and develop a plan of attack.

2. Find An Accountability Buddy

Whether you find your work spouse or your “person,” it’s important to have someone in your corner who won’t just be a “yes” person. In high-stress situations, you want to have faith and trust in a friend or coworker. You need one person who you can confide in completely and trust to keep your deepest, darkest secrets.

An accountability buddy keeps you in check, serves as a sounding board, and is ultimately your ride-or-die. They also help you find a solid work-life balance and  handle everyday stressors much more easily. , Remember to show up for your person, too because no one should be in a parasitic relationship.

3. Find Mindless Distractions

This one is pretty self explanatory. For me, watching reality television helps me unwind after work. Who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of middle-aged women fight over petty nonsense or see human beings trying to survive while stranded on an island? Putting yourself somewhere else is the easiest way to come down from a stressful day.

Some people take up exercise like running, Crossfit, or yoga, as an outlet to release negative energy. Working out also releases endorphins, making you exponentially happier (even if you’re a bit sore afterwards).

4. Make Time For Self-Care

Self-care really is the best way to take care of yourself. Throw on a face mask at the end of the day, or unwind with a relaxing candle-lit bath. If you can afford it, splurge on a massage or spa day. Pampering yourself can significantly boost your mental state.

Whatever your stressors are, there are an abundance of activities, treatments and routines you can use to bring your mind back to relaxation. We all have our own methods of dealing with stress, and those methods are invaluable to our well being. So, on this National Stress Awareness Day, confront your biggest annoyance, then take the time to unwind from it any way you’d like.

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