The Ultimate Travel Guide For Visiting Florida

Florida is a great travel destination with a ton of places to visit. Some of the best travel destinations like Fort Myers Beach, Orlando, Key West, and Miami are found in Florida. It’s no wonder Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations, this fun-packed state has it all! With all that Florida has to offer, it can be overwhelming to plan a vacation there, especially if you’re a first time visitor. If you’re planning a trip to the sunshine state, here’s what you should consider before getting on that plane.

1. Florida’s Weather

As you probably know, Florida is known for its good weather. The summers are long and warm, and you can also expect daily thunderstorms, while winters in Florida are mild. The best time to plan a Florida vacation is from November to May. During this time, the chances of rain are very low and the temperatures are very comfortable for going out and taking long walks on the beach. August to October is peak rainy season, so if you do not like rain, then avoid Florida during these months.

2. What To Wear

When you’re packing, think of summer clothes. You won’t need heavy clothing while visiting Florida. The temperatures tend to stay above the 75 degrees mark, so do not carry your heavy apparel.. Invest in linen clothing, flip-flops, swimwear, and generally light clothing. If you are planning to spend time at the beach, carry bikinis, sunglasses, straw hats, tank tops, shorts, and cover-ups. If you are planning to go sightseeing, ensure you pack sundresses, jeans and sneakers. Make sure to pack a few sexy dresses, heels, and evening bags if you’re planning on going out for dinner.

3. Transportation Options

Florida has many transportation options to offer. Resorts or hotels in Florida often offer complimentary shuttles to help guests get around. Or you can choose to use public transportation like the bus or train. If you opt to rent a car ensure you acquire a SunPass for paying tolls as many of the freeways in Florida are toll roads. Keep in mind that these extra parking fees add up! Get to know all the parking rules so that you do not end up getting towed. If you decide to go for public transit, then you should be prepared to wait. The buses are late often because of traffic. You can also choose to use Uber or Lyft to get around. There are several transportation options in Florida, so getting around is not an issue.

4. Vacation Rentals

Florida has a lot of vacation rentals to offer! It can be a modern condo, a beach house, or a pleasantly old-fashioned cottage. Whatever tickles your fancy. Basically, there’s something for everyone, it all depends on your taste and preferences. Find out what you want first and make arrangements before traveling to Florida.

5. Beach Etiquette

You cannot visit Florida and fail to go to the beach. That’s just unacceptable! There are plenty of beaches in Florida, and whether you go to the Key West or Miami Beach, there are certain dos and don’ts you have to follow. Beach etiquette is important so that you don’t end up rubbing people the wrong way. For example, don’t walk around naked, unless it is a nude beach. Don’t drink on the beach. Don’t litter on the beach, or anywhere for that matter. Don’t blast loud music, it’s annoying. Be mindful of others, especially if it is a public beach.

Florida should be on everyone’s list of places to visit. If you haven’t checked Florida on your list yet, you should seriously consider doing so. This simple guide on things to consider before visiting Florida will make your trip even better since it ensures that you’ll go prepared. Preparation is everything when planning a vacation. Take advantage of it!

Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash



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