An Honest, Unbiased Review Of Food Delivery Via Uber Eats

We’ve all been here: you’re exhausted, hungry, and out of any viable options for food in your home. Luckily, we live in the 21st century and the answer to the cries from our grumbling tummy is literally at our fingertips! Whether you live in sunny California or snowy Minnesota, UberEats has you covered with easy, cheesy delivery at the speed you need.

UberEats as we know it now first launched in 2016. In just a few short years, the company has taken the food delivery market by storm, working hard to be a top competitor against Doordash, GrubHub, Postmates, and Seamless. They deliver in over 180 cities across North America, not to mention are expanding world-wide into South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa. Also, many chain restaurants like McDonald’s, Subway, and Moe’s have developed partnerships with UberEats, allowing delivery for your favorites to happen anywhere you visit.

Here are just some of the amazing benefits of UberEats:

  • UE uses your exact location to determine restaurants that are open and offer delivery to your address.
  • UE charges a flat “booking fee” regardless of where or what you order, and there’s no requirement to tip.
  • UE boasts some of the fastest delivery times among the competition.
  • UE offers a live display of your food’s location via GPS.

Personally, I’ve had great experiences with UberEats, they are easily able to rival any other successful chilled courier service. Some of my favorite restaurants don’t deliver. Before UE, I would have to make myself look presentable to go pick up the food I ordered for takeout. But, now, UberEats can do that for me while I can stay in the comfort of my own home! Another bonus, the delivery fee is only $5. That’s cheap.

However, there are a few cons that I’ve noticed from my past experiences. The wait time can be long! One time it took 45 minutes for me to get my food. Also, UberEats does give you a map to follow once you’ve ordered your food. It shows where the driver is, what route they are taking, and how close they are to you. However, this itinerary doesn’t include traffic, pit stops, picking up other orders, etc.

Overall, I’m usually pretty satisfied. I mean, I get to stay at home, in my pajamas while the UE driver does all the work for me. Sounds literally like the picture of perfection to me!

So, next time that night time craving hits or you’re wanting to curl up on the couch with your favorite takeout and a good chick flick, give Uber Eats a try! Have you used Uber Eats? Share your experience with us!

This article was written in collaboration with Kaitlin Livingston and Melissa Kreutz.

Feature Image via Uber Eats


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