10 Tips For Planning The Wedding Of Your Dreams

Planning your wedding and looking to make it special? Choosing a wedding theme will make your special day absolutely unforgettable. Picking a theme for your wedding makes a lot of crucial choices much easier, since everything you plan has a specific concept behind it. But how do you choose wedding themes? Let us give you a hand… and a couple of tips to ease your choice!

1. Seek inspiration.

Familiarize yourself with 2019’s top wedding themes on Pinterest. Even if you don’t find your perfect theme on the list, you still might gain some inspiration for wedding ideas! Searching for wedding themes is totally worth it – themed weddings remain very popular among couples and usually leave guests in awe.

2. Consider your wedding’s location.

Your choice of wedding venue influences your wedding theme ideas more than you might think. Traditional Catholic weddings and  destination beach weddings have very different styles. A country-style wedding venue has a completely different tone than a modern civil ceremony at the city hall. The point is, location matters!     

3. Consider the season.

Before you get carried away with themed wedding ideas, think about the season of your wedding. When it comes to weddings, season can make all the difference. Usually, wedding themes for summer include bright, vibrant colors, while winter weddings tend to display warmer, darker colors. Of course, every rule has exceptions, but these are the general guidelines for wedding colors.

4.  Consider the weather.

Wedding weather matters. After all, a tropical theme is going to look out of place if you’re planning a December wedding in New York. Medieval furs will be too hot for a summer Florida wedding. The proposed weather for your special day can limit your choices and may factor into a need for more careful planning, especially if you want an outdoor ceremony.

5. Choose the level of formality.

Also important to your wedding theme is the level of formality. Usually, more formal weddings provide less creative freedom and are costlier,, as they leave no room for DIY. On the contrary, boho or country weddings allow more space for you to play with the details, so you can truly let your creativity shine.

6. Consult your fiancé.

Before you make a final decision about your wedding theme, remember that it takes two to tango. We often think that weddings are the bride’s territory, but shouldn’t the groom have a say in the theme, too? Also, your fiancé may have some original theme ideas you haven’t thought of yourself (like Star Wars or World of Warcraft). Just make sure you and your fiancé are on the same wavelength!

7. Consider the size of your wedding.

Even small weddings can look extremely stylish if all the guests are dressed according to the wedding theme. The more specific your wedding theme, the more custom preparations and details it will require, so take into account that more guests will also create more work for you if you choose a themed wedding. Especially if you are planning a large wedding, it may be easier to stick to a more general style, like boho or vintage.

8. Ask a specialist.

If planning your wedding theme overwhelms you, don’t be afraid to ask for help from a specialist. After all, you don’t get married regularly, so shouldn’t you enlist all the help you can for your special day? A wedding planner can contribute significantly to your theme choice and give you helpful advice on every aspect of your future wedding, too.

9. Work out your unique style.

You can recycle one of the ideas you came across on the Web to create your own unique wedding style. After all, planning becomes less of a challenge when everything, including invitations, drink selection, and decorations is based on the theme of your wedding. Play with your favorite ideas and put your own touches on them to make your wedding truly special.

10.  Consider out-of-the-box themes.

Pop culture-themed weddings are extremely popular. From Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, there are so many wonderful shows, books, and movies to incorporate into the biggest day of your life. If you and your fiancé are both fans of the same show, go to town on a wedding that celebrates both your love as a couple and your love of binge-watching!

Overall, there are so many wedding themes that it can be quite challenging to choose only one. When you choose a wedding theme, you can enlist  professional help or ask for advice from your friends and family. Whatever you choose to do, remember, that this is your special day. Take your time, choose your theme wisely, and don’t let wedding stress spoil the fun!

Featured Photo by Vitor Pinto on Unsplash.


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