What You Can Do When The Sun Comes Out This Spring

I don’t know what it is about the sunshine but it brings out the best in me, especially after a dull and dead winter. I find that when the weather is nicer, it promotes productivity in my life and I’m far more motivated to get things done, even if they’re a little unusual.

Here are some things you can do while the sun’s out to keep you feeling busy and satisfied with life:

Open Your Windows

After winter is finally over, and the weather is heating up, our houses get hot and often feel muggy. Open a window and let the fresh air in. You’ll get a new smell inside and you’ll automatically feel semi cleaner.

Go to The Gym

When it’s raining and boring outside you just want to snuggle in bed and do nothing. But when the sun is out, use it as motivation to get your summer body ready. You don’t have to go for long, but enough to feel like you’re actually doing something and find it effective.

Paint Your Nails Outside

Why stink up your house by touching up your nails indoors when you can go out and enjoy the nice weather that is upon us? Plus, you can put a nice nude on or a pastel colour that’s totally in for the season.

Go For a Walk

There’s something about being able to go for a walk in the spring time that feels so refreshing. You’re getting active, enjoying nature and using it for some ‘me-time’. You could even go for a walk with a friend or loved one. It’s a great way to kill a few birds with one stone. Plus you won’t be killing our economy too.

Eat Outside

It may not be warm enough for patio weather, but it’ll definitely be nice enough in a sheltered spot from the wind to have a snack outside. Make a sandwich and have a side of potato chips, or cheese and crackers. Try things you don’t usually have and enjoy them!

Take a Roadtrip to Somewhere New

There is nothing better than driving in the backroads with your window down on a bright and sunny day, allowing the smells of the countryside fill your car. New adventures are always exciting, so why not do it at the beginning of the season for a good memory? It could be your new favourite hot spot for the summer too.

You don’t have to feel restricted in your traditional routine once the temperature changes. Take advantage of being able to do things and enjoy them. It’s not often we can enjoy doing things when it isn’t too cold or too hot temperature-wise. You’ll be sure to feel motivated to do more than what you have been for the last few months, and that’s a guarantee.

Featured image via Pami On Instagram


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