What You Learn About Love Through A Long Distance Relationship

Being far away, in a different time zone and feeling lost attention. It’s so hard to love someone that’s not near you. You can’t feel their touch, smell their scent, meet their eyes, or can’t take care of them…

This is how it feels when you are in a long distance relationship, for some it’s a hell on earth; the idea of not having the one we admire around is terrible. It leads to a lack of interest and drives the relationship to the worst fate ever, breaking up. Meanwhile, the endless trials of long-distance couples to maintain the flames of affection to stay lit, the coldness of life sneaks in to ruin that feeling and to provoke that fire.

I failed once, I couldn’t keep that fire to remain shining. We were in love like nobody else, calling, texting and even imagining each other daily. We stayed like this for a long time, but when life took us away from each other, daily calls vanished, text faded away and the fate of that wonderful love went to the void of sorrow and grief. I kept trying endlessly to make it last and to keep her safe. Yet, it kept drifting away from me and all I felt was guilt and the flow of memories cutting through my skin while blaming myself for letting her love vanish away from my heart…

In the end, the destiny of long distance relationship’s is to fail. It consumes energy, causes heartache and drives souls into despair. So, why should people think about getting into a long distance relationship in the first place?  Is it that bad?

No, we don’t fall for people by our own well, we don’t choose who we admire and who we don’t want. We don’t pick the conditions. Love happens, just like that. What comes after it is between the couple. They choose if it’s a blessing or a curse.

In fact, long-distance relationships have a bright side that makes it amazing like any other relationship; it makes the simplest things like a touch, hug or a kiss mean the world, it makes missing and wanting to see the other like nothing else, makes the call or a text like the greatest gift and eventually it makes the meeting after all that distance feel like heaven.

It took a lot for me to realize I had found true love, and that it needed to be built to stay strong. What really matters the most is to know that souls are connected and you are already living inside each other’s heart.

Humans don’t choose when or where love could take place, it doesn’t even knock! Love breaks in. It makes life better, and we don’t have the power to stop it from coming. Yet, we can decide how it’s going to be. Even if it’s on the other side of the ocean.

Whether it’s long distance or not, keep fighting for it because it is worth fighting for.

Photo by Farsai Chaikulngamdee on Unsplash


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