5 Creative Costumes That Your Pet Can Rock All Year Long

When one thinks about the phrase “dressing up” most associate it with the word Halloween. A dress up day for fun and enjoyment. As people dress up themselves, they also dress up  their pets. Four legged pumpkins and skeletons will be posted all over your Instagram. Well, it’s January, not October.

In this post, you will find 5 outfit options for when you want to dress up your pets this coming year, and the focus will not be on Halloween. In fact, January 14 is Dress Up Your Pet Day, let’s get a head start on next year’s!

Favorite Disney Animal Character

Live action Disney movies are on the rise for 2019! The Lion King and Mulan are just a few that come to mind. So why not dress up your cat up like Simba and let them embrace their lion pride! Animated movies are also good ideas to get ideas from, Let’s go under the sea as Sebastian and create a cute crab costume. Show that Disney love!

Sports Swag

hatever sport you enjoy let your pet rep them too! Put them on some blue and gold for the Warriors which is one of my favorite NBA teams. When game day comes your pet will be ready with you to bark and meow for the team!


We all have that one actor or actress we obsessive over. We follow them on every social media platform possible. So next time you are on their page, find that outfit that you love and create one for your pet! Once they have it on, make sure to take a picture and tag the celebrity back; they may like it and may even comment back.


Have a twin day!  Find your favorite outfit, one that you love to take pictures in. Matching up the exact outfit might be hard, so I suggest to just have the same colors. If you can find the same pattern that will make them look even better! Twin day does not have to be just with your best friend it can also be with your pet!

Holidays other than Halloween

Everyone thinks Halloween is the only holiday to dress up, but there are other holidays that can create good dress up options. So try dressing your dog in a cute elf outfit or some American flag gear for July 4th. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and show everyone that your pet can support all holidays.

Featured image via Ryan Stone on Unsplash


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