The 33 Biggest Turn-Offs For Strong Women When It Comes To Dating

There are a lot of perks of being a strong woman in today’s society. Especially because we have bigger balls than most men. We’re vocal about our intentions, expectations, and attitude. And we’re extremely unapologetic about it. We’re all cut from the same cloth and share a lot of similar views and opinions — especially when it comes to turn-offs in the dating world.

Here are the biggest turn-offs for all strong women when it comes to dating.

  1. Mixed signals. You either want us or you don’t — make up your mind.
  2. Actions that don’t match their words. Follow through with what you say you’re going to do.
  3. Someone who doesn’t have a job or isn’t even looking for one while unemployed. We totally get that things happen but make an effort to change your situation.
  4. Someone who always has to have their way.
  5. Someone who doesn’t prioritize anyone else’s time. Quit inconveniencing everyone because you don’t know how to schedule.
  6. Someone who talks about themselves non-stop.
  7. Someone who is rude to employees. You are never better than anyone else.
  8. Someone who refuses to have safe sex. That’s a huge red flag.
  9. Someone who doesn’t take care of themself. Whether it’s taking a shower, brushing teeth or going to doctor’s appointments, they need to take themselves seriously.
  10. Someone who lies through their teeth to everybody.
  11. A person who doesn’t respect the wishes of others. 
  12. Someone who underdresses at every event and doesn’t care about it. You look trashy if you dress down for important event dates.
  13. Someone who only focuses on getting their own pleasure in bed. And never pleases the other person.
  14. Someone who is entitled.
  15. A person who checks out other girls right in front of our faces.
  16. Someone who doesn’t have goals or ambition in life. Especially if they aren’t bothered by their lack of ambition.
  17. Someone who swears a lot. We understand it slips out, but don’t say the F-word in front of my grandma at family dinner.
  18. Someone who asks for your Snapchat rather than your phone number.
  19. Someone who pays more attention to their phone than you. My face is up here, buddy.
  20. Someone who is unfaithful. Enough said.
  21. Someone who always talks down to other people as if they are God.
  22. Someone who openly talks about drug use or heavy partying in front of your family. It’s okay to do it sometimes but know your audience.
  23. Someone who’s controlling your looks because they don’t like the way you dress or do your make up.
  24. A person who brags about the materialistic things they own.
  25. Someone who never pays for anything. Whether it’s their parents or friends, they always expect someone else to buy.
  26. Someone who strongly believes in outdated gender roles, politics and is against basic human/gay rights. The world is more progressive now, learn from it.
  27. Someone who always drinks too much and causes a scene. It’s embarrassing to deal with.
  28. Someone who doesn’t know how to speak or spell correctly. It’s more like a pet peeve, but it’s insanely annoying to deal with.
  29. Someone who asks for nudes when you barely know them.
  30. Someone who accuses you of being on your period when you show any level of anger or emotion.
  31. A person who refuses to meet your friends or family despite dating for months.
  32. Someone who makes plans at the last second and never wants to plan ahead.
  33. Someone who doesn’t like animals. They must be an heartless monster.

We aren’t asking for a lot, just a good person who respects those around them. By the time you’re in your twenties, you should have your shit together. And you should be able to easily avoid these turn-offs. If you don’t and you’re even older than that — good luck finding someone who will tolerate it. They’ll probably have to be even more immature than you.

Do you have any instant turn-offs? Comment below!

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