How To Start Dating Again After Getting Your Heart Broken

When you make the decision to start dating again, it sucks. You realize many things, like you may not be ready to start yet, you’re a serial dater, or maybe you just hate the thought of starting the process again. It can be so emotionally intimidating and overwhelming. If you’re anything at all like me, it’s incredibly likely that you hate the dating process.

Here are my tips on how to start dating again for all types of girls, whether you’re just out of a long-term romantic relationship or have been single for a long time with no luck of getting anywhere.

Don’t Start If You’re Not Ready

The rule is plain and straightforward. If you’re really not willing to settle down, don’t feel pressured to get right back out there and on the hunt. Especially if it’s a bad breakup or a long time love. You need your time to get over the relationship ending before you can even think about someone else.

Don’t Get Into a Relationship to Get Over a Relationship

That, my friends, is called a revenge relationship and a waste of time. You only get into those relationships to make your ex-boyfriend jealous. You know it won’t work out, so why bother? If you want to move on quickly (for a moment anyway) stick with a hookup instead. But even those can damage you, so really the best option is to just stay single.

Go Into It With a Positive Attitude and Low Expectations

Thinking positively about the dating scene will help get your confidence back up. Don’t go into dating with high hopes because it’s easier to become disappointed. You have to let things go naturally so start small and build up while using that uplifting and optimistic attitude.

Pace Yourself

Don’t start going on multiple dates a week with different people. Keep it to 2 times a week max, and if a contender catches your eye, you can slowly start seeing him a few times a week. But don’t become a serial dater and go crazy. The fewer guys, the less confused you will be regarding remembering information and the less confused about your feelings for them you will be.

Don’t Be Ashamed For Wanting a Relationship

On dating apps, the dreaded question will more than likely be asked early on, “what are you looking for?” Don’t lie to keep them interested and say, “I’m not sure yet.” What you need to say is what you want and not care if you lose that person. (They probably only wanted to bang you anyway.)

My biggest piece of advice for dating is not to get discouraged regardless of what happens. There will be days when you feel confident about everything, and there will be days when you want to give up because you feel like you’re going nowhere. It all takes time, so don’t expect to find someone overnight. Be patient, be brave and be yourself. You’ll get there soon!

Featured image by Hun Phan from Unsplash.


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