7 Types Of Bob Haircuts That’ll Make You Want To Cut Your Hair Short

The most crucial element of creating a quality stacked bob hairstyle is ensuring that the section at the back is entirely cut. Since the hair is stacked at the back, the back section forms the epicentre of the look, so it should be done correctly.

If you are uncertain of how to generate a stacked style, just consider a bob with a round back with gradual layering and subtly angled towards the front part. The following is a list of stacked bob haircuts, so if you are planning to try a stacked haircut, and need some motivation, this list will help you.

1. Textured Wavy Long Bob

The reason why this A-line haircut works so well with thin hair is all shown at the back of this cut. By choosing for this angled and layered style, you achieve a cut that reveals your locks are thicker than you thought. Give it a try for that impressive effect.

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2. Stacked Asymmetrical Bob

For a really edgy and unusual haircut that fits your features perfectly, opt for the classic graduation of an asymmetrical bob. In addition to being highly adjustable to different head shapes, it allows the hair to grow out nicely. Also, it doesn’t require your locks to be very long. Just let them grow until the front angle will come out strong.


3. Stacked Bob with an Undercut

To get an undercut bob, the hair should be shaved or cropped underneath. Ideally, all around the head. The stacked bob with an undercut, besides looking daring and contrasty, has a number of benefits. To show it off, you simply need to tuck the hair behind the ear. Also, it’s a real savior for the ladies with a tricky neckline, who suffer from frequent swirls and cowlicks. Moreover, it’s the perfect haircut for summer or for the very thick and unruly hair. The undercut lightens up the thatch, making it easier to maintain and cooler to wear. It does have an arguable drawback though. This cut may require everyday styling. Thus, stock up on a high-quality hair product and a bit of patience.

4. Wispy Stacked Cut

No matter what your hair texture and its thickness are, the wispy stacked cut is a nice option to try. It doesn’t require much styling, whereas, for a bit of change, a few runs of a curler or flat iron are more than enough. Though, the cut isn’t all about the shape. The color is what really makes it stand out. The foiled highlights that gradually become darker in depth create much dimension and intensity. However, be ready to visit the salon once a month or so for the upkeep.

5. Inverted Bob With Perfectly Cut Back

Such haircut is a perfect choice if this is your first-time bob. It doesn’t require much maintenance, styling products or tools. Just a volume foam and a blow drier will be more than enough. Optionally, you can style it with a round brush. An enhanced lift at the base can be created by blow drying the hair using a big round brush or holding the head upside down. To achieve the best result, flip the head over and blow dry the hair toward the floor after conditioning and shampooing it. This method helps out the women who struggle to maintain volume at the crown. Also, due to the lengthy front, it has an elongate effect, which makes the face look much slimmer.


6. Short Stack Bob Cut with Piecey Layers

Short bobs are edgier compared to the blunt or subtly layered bobs. They exude a hint of sassiness and they are suitable for any event, either a night out or a day at the office. However, each of these occasions calls for individual style, and this hairstyle offers the needed versatility.

This stacked bob complemented with piecey layers brings out a shattered round silhouette. It’s suitable for women with square and rectangular face shapes, particularly if the hair at the front is chin-length. Dimensional blonde streaks not only highlight pieceness but also boost texture and movement.

7. Two-tone Bob Shag

Just as an adult version of a shortcake with strawberries, this layered bob is cute, sweet and make no harm to your body shape. The platinum blonde is beautifully contrasted with fuchsia to come up with a look that has an air of exquisite elegance and sophistication. It’s a style that you won’t regret wearing because the color combo is simply amazing.

The intricate angle and understated contrast between the front and the back of this slanted bob are awe-inspiring. The bluntly cut hair at the back cascading to a more significant point in the front comes up with a vibe that doesn’t need any more styling options. A subtle tease to show off the texture is everything you need when wearing this two-tone stacked bob hairstyle.

Which stacked bob haircut do you like best?

Photo by Devin Justesen on Unsplash


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