How You Can Make This Fall The ‘New Summer’

Did your summer of 2018 go out with a bang?  Are you looking forward to fall?

Everyone is reflecting on their summer now that the warm days have reached their end, and the colder weather is (probably) coming. My summer was packed full of fun experiences that I will never forget. If you’re getting upset that the summer is officially over,  you have to go back to work, and the craziness is back in full swing, stop, take a half an hour or so, and think of all the amazing things you and your family did. Then, you will realize that you actually did have a fun-filled summer after all, even though you may not have been able to fit in everything you wanted to do. Know that you can still do some of those activities in the fall when bugs are no longer eating you alive, and you can enjoy the leaves changing colors while you do it!

Even though it’s sad that summer’s over, there are so many activities that are best to save for the fall. If you’re a pumpkin spice fan or prefer the taste of apple cider, you can enjoy tasty treats. You can also hike, bike, take a date apple-picking, bake – the possibilities are endless.

It may not be summer anymore, but as we gear ourselves up for fall festivities, let’s not forget summer for what it was. Summer may have brought you growth, causing you to reflect on your life and all you have accomplished. You may have developed a relationship (romantic or otherwise) this past summer, or maybe, you started a big lifestyle transformation. Whatever you did, you should be proud of all you have accomplished. Just because the season of summer is over, the season of growth doesn’t need to be.

As a society, we focus so much on seasons ending and being sad about the fact that they’re over, when in reality, we should focus on what’s to come – what’s next in this new chapter. If we have a more optimistic view and see each season as a new season in our life, it can increase our happiness and improve our outlook. Even though summer has come to an end, be grateful for all of the lessons and experiences it brought. This fall, continue to create memories that will stay with you and your loved ones forever. Let’s make fall the new summer.

How are you going savor your fall and start it with a bigger bang than your summer? Let us know in the comments!


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