6 Tried And True Rules To Follow When Dyeing Your Own Hair

I didn’t start experimenting with hair dye until three years ago because my mom wanted me to appreciate my healthy, natural hair. When she finally let me do a dye, I decided to make it a DIY project. I genuinely thought I was capable of dying my own hair.  

Honestly, my dyed hair didn’t look horrible.

I watched my fair share of YouTube DIY tutorials and stuck to natural, dark brown highlights; not to mention that my mom helped me. The next time I dyed, my best friend, who has experience in hair and beauty, gave me highlights, and they looked fabulous.

Then, I got confident and decided to dye my hair all by myself, which is when everything went South. I bleached my own hair and dyed it a dark blue. Again, it didn’t look terrible. Then, I got bored, stripped my hair of the blue, and dyed it purple. Once again, it was fine.

But then, my gorgeous, colorful locks started to fade, and my smart idea was to chop it all off (Professionally, thank God! I am infamous for cutting my own hair, though).

Are you thinking about dying your own hair? Well, before you decide to do the dye, do your research. Carefully consider whether you should dye your own hair or leave the task to a professional. Here are 6 tips that I think are essential to do if you plan to DIY it with hair dye.

1. Always ask somebody to help you.

When you dye, you will always want a second opinion and a helping hand—unless you want the back of your hair to look patchy!

2. Have a back-up plan.

Whether you stock up on color remover or invest in dye that matches your natural hair color, you need to prepare for the worst. When you dye your hair, you just never know what will happen!

3. Be prepared.

Buy all the materials you need and don’t be afraid to purchase extra. You wouldn’t want to make a trip to the drug store with streaky hair because you realized you only have enough hair dye to color half of your head. If you didn’t end up using a product you bought and haven’t opened the box, you’re in the perfect position to return it.

4. Know that wild colors are not all fun and games.

Yes, the idea of looking like a vibrant, teal-haired, 2014 Kylie Jenner is lovely, but before you commit to a creative look, think about how the wild color will fade. Blue fades to green, and purple fades to red. Think about it… it could be a disaster waiting to happen.

5. Time your dye job correctly.

Dying your own hair before your cousin’s wedding? Maybe not the best idea. Starting the dye job at 10 pm? Also not the greatest idea, unless you’re prepared to stay up until 3 am. (Stock up on that espresso!)

6. Be realistic.

If you think you can dye your hair yourself, go for it. But if you don’t think it’s going to turn out the way you pictured it, perhaps you should leave the work to a professional. Hair colorists know exactly what the hell they’re doing, and a color correction job is a lot more work and money than getting your hair professionally done in the first place. Plus, consider the damage you’re doing to your hair when you self-dye. Treat your tresses with some respect—you owe them at least that much.

You would think that I would have learned my lesson, but clearly, I haven’t. This week, I bleached more than half my head and tried to dye it teal. Let me tell you… throwing teal dye on yellow-blonde hair results in Grinch hair. Like, the furry, green Grinch who tried to steal Christmas. Y’all, my hair is green.

I hope this serves as a cautionary tale, especially if you’re leaning towards dying your own hair. Wish me luck as I try to figure out how to fix my hair before I go home for the holidays! I may end up rocking green hair with my outfit this Christmas, but you don’t have to. I should have listened to my mom…

Photo by Dmitriy Ilkevich on Unsplash


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